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Voici une délicieuse association de pêche, d'églantier et d'hibiscus, avec un ingrédient actif : la graine de guarana du bassin d'Amazonie. Cette petite graine a un aspect un peu étrange quand elle pousse (allez voir !) mais elle est réputée pour donner un puissant coup de fouet, entièrement naturel, au métabolisme. Waou !

Louise, notre dégustatrice de thé, dit

Quel est le goût ?

Une saveur fruitée et un goût de pêche très pêchu !

excellent si vous sentez

Un peu comme un bibendum ! 

*cette infusion contient de la racine de réglisse, éviter une consommation excessive en cas d'hypertension*

Comment nous l'aimons

À boire d'un trait, surtout à 5 heures de l'après-midi, avant d'aller au sport le soir.

Couvrez un "tea temple" d'eau bouillante et laissez-le infuser pendant au moins 3 minutes. Retirez-le et ajoutez de l'eau glacée jusqu'à ras bord.

L'heure de l'infusion

  • 1 'tea temple" par personne. Laissez infuser au moins 3 minutes dans une eau frémissante.

Les feuilles de thé entières mettent plus de temps à infuser, mais l'attente en vaut vraiment la peine!

  • Eau bouillante
    Eau bouillante
  • Laisser infuser pendant 3+ minutes
    Laisser infuser pendant 3+ minutes
  • Calories 1
    1 calories par tasse
  • ce qu'il y a dedans.

    graine de guarana bio, pomme bio, racine de réglisse bio, hibiscus blanc bio, arômes naturels, églantier bio, morceaux de pêche bio

    * cette infusion contient de la racine de réglisse, éviter une consommation excessive en cas d'hypertension*
  • Contenu nutritionnel pour 100 ml

    • 1 kcal
    • 0 sucres
    • 0 lipides
    • trace glucides
  • Allergènes

    sans lactose, sans gluten, convient aux végétariens et végétaliens. Manufacturé dans un atelier travaillant également les fruits à coque

Avis des clients

* * * * * (12)

Kept me hydrated through my Bodypump

* * * * * by Rachel Hilton • 6th April 2018

“Absolutely loving my Trim tea this morning! Lovely blend, thanks teapigs! Kept me hydrated through my Bodypump xx”

Lovely afternoon treat

* * * * * by Agata • 17th April 2018

“Love the taste of this tea! I tend to have it after lunch as my little treat. Makes you feel super good.”

Beautifully Peachy

* * * * * by Hanna Thorpe • 18th April 2018

“Fruity without that horrible sickly sweet aftertaste. smells divine and is really enjoyable. Thanks so much!”


* * * * * by Laura • 3rd May 2018

“such a nice flavoured tea, has quickly become my favourite one!”


* * * * * by Ruth • 6th May 2018

“Smells and tastes great. Refreshing in the afternoon when I want to avoid caffeine!”


* * * * * by Laureline • 31st May 2018

“delicious tea that is so hydrating and refreshing. also very enjoyable on ice. a firm favourite of mine now!”


* * * * * by aisling • 21st June 2018

“feeling skinny already”


* * * * * by Caroline • 7th November 2018

“I tried this tea with some trepidation, some in the past (not tea pigs) have tasted like ditchwater - not that I have drunk that! Well regularly anyway! This tea really is lovely, I drink it every day and love the flavour without sugar. I have since the first order ordered more. Try it. I am also losing weight which is a combination of lots of things, but without sugar and milk this is less calories!”

Feel trim

* * * * * by Danielle • 14th April 2019

“It did make me feel better afterwards and tastes nice too.”

Great Taste Hot or Cold

* * * * * by Victoria • 22nd April 2019

“Super refreshing hot or cold”

Hits the Spot

* * * * * by David King • 8th May 2019

“Wonderful original sweet tea. really enjoyable. A new firm favourite”


* * - - - by Laura Saveal • 17th July 2018

“Considering that peach pieces are listed as only 2% of the ingredients, this is very much a peach tea. Upon opening, I was greeted by a lovely aroma and my first sip was certainly peachy. Unfortunately, this quickly turned into an overly saccharin taste at the back of my throat, which was most unpleasant. This did not improve as I finished the cup.
Not one to give up, the following day I tried a second cup, brewed only for one minute (first time was a three minute brew). The peach flavour remained but I was soon met with the same powdery fake sugar taste. It is a shame that this tea doesn't have a sample box available, as with some of the others in this range. I shall have to find a friend to whom I can pass the remainder of this box on and hope they have a better experience!”

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