English Breakfast tea

finis les matins chagrins !

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Certifié par l'Alliance pour la défense de la forêt tropicale GT 2017 2
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C’est notre thé signature, celui auquel on revient toujours, notre madeleine de Proust à nous ! Vous l'avez compris, l'English Breakfast occupe une place à part dans le cœur des Anglais (si si les Anglais ont un cœur ! Surtout quand on parle de thé !). Le nôtre est un mélange subtil de 3 grands crus  : Assam et Ceylan, accompagnés d'un merveilleux thé rwandais que nous avons découvert. Tout ça pour vous dire que ce mélange est unique et qu'il incarne l'équilibre parfait entre saveur maltée et légère pointe d'acidité. On arrête là, on pourrait vous en parler pendant des heures...

Louise, notre dégustatrice de thé, dit

Quel est le goût ?

Un goût riche, à l'équilibre parfait entre rondeur maltée et légère pointe d'acidité.

excellent si vous sentez

On l'aime tellement qu'on n'est peut-être plus 100% objectif, mais vraiment, il est parfait quelle que soit votre humeur et le moment de la journée. Si vous vous sentez un peu morose, il saura vous réconforter. Et si êtes plein d'entrain, attendez-vous à en avoir encore plus!  Applaudissements s'il vous plait!

Notre engagement éthique 

Nous faisons un don à la Point Foundation pour chaque paquet d'English Breakfast vendu. Nous transmettons également les dons que nos clients font sur notre site et nous organisons régulièrement des collectes. Grâce à toutes ces contributions, nous avons déjà levé plus de 200 000 £ et on ne compte pas s'arrêter là ! En savoir plus ici.

Comment nous l'aimons

Le lendemain d'une soirée bien arrosée, n'hésitez pas à ajouter du lait et du sucre. 


Couvrez un "tea temple" d'eau frémissante et laissez infuser 3 minutes. Retirez le "tea temple" et remplissez le reste du verre d'eau glacée. Complétez d'une tranche de citron.

L'heure de l'infusion

  • Tea temple : 1 par personne. Infusez dans de l'eau bouillante. Laissez infuser pendant au moins 3 minutes. 
  • Thé en vrac : 2 cuillères à café bien remplies par personne. Laissez infuser pendant au moins 3 minutes.

L'infusion des feuilles de thé entières prend un peu plus de temps, mais l'attente en vaut vraiment la peine.

bon à savoir

Certifié par l'Alliance pour la défense de la forêt tropicale GT 2017 2
  • Eau bouillante
    Eau bouillante
  • Laisser infuser pendant 3+ minutes
    Laisser infuser pendant 3+ minutes
  • Calories 0
    0 calories per cup
  • Thé noir du Rwanda, Assam et Ceylan
  • ce qu'il y a dedans.

    thé noir

  • Contenu nutritionnel pour 100 ml

    • kcal
    • 0 sucres
    • 0 lipides
    • glucides
  • Allergènes

    sans lactose, sans gluten, convient aux végétariens et végétaliens. Manufacturé dans un atelier travaillant également les fruits à coque

Avis des clients

* * * * * (108)

Worth every penny!

* * * * * by Katie • 31st August 2018

“I have never been able to stand drinking tea without sugar, until I tried this everyday brew! No nasty aftertaste that I tend to get with other brands. Love it!”

Everyday brew rea

* * * * * by Leslie Burstall • 24th July 2018

“Excellent tasting tea ideal for drinking at any time”

So good

* * * * * by R Scannell • 8th September 2018

“10/10 strong and tasty”

Better than a morning coffee

* * * * * by Matt Turner • 8th May 2012

“Great tea, great taste, better than a coffee 1st thing. Love it, especially with no hangover - strong with milk. Have the incredible peppermint for the really sluggish mornings!”

Delicious, really rich, morning brew

* * * * * by • 14th October 2006

“Very tasty "builder's style" tea. Wakes you up with a real zing. Nice clean flavour. I would highly recommend it.”

Simply excellent!

* * * * * by Oliver McLeod • 5th September 2017

“Being from Yorkshire I was Yorkshire tea through and through but I am a convert now. I have the loose leaf version which is good value for money. It's really well balanced which makes it perfect for everyday drinking because its lighter on the palate and has great flavour. If you drink a lot of tea then this is the one for you in my opinion.”


* * * * * by John Marshall • 23rd July 2017

“Quick delivery which was brilliant as we'd run out and our local Tesco's had stopped selling the large boxes.
My wife loves this brew and treats herself to a cup a day when she slows down for a few minutes with a book.”

A very British cup of tea

* * * * * by Connie richman • 30th October 2017

“I purchased the English breakfast tea . it's the most amazing tea I have tasted so rich yet gentle on your stomach leaves a soft after taste definitely the taste of a British cup of tea”

Everyday tea bags

* * * * * by Angela • 26th October 2017

“A Smashing refreshing brew loved your tea and the bags themselves.”

Absolutely love it!

* * * * * by Khaleda • 22nd December 2017

“I can't believe I have not tried this before!!
I love my tea but this is just sheer bliss.
full of flavour, such a difference compared to PG Tips :) cant wait to try the whole variety!
(Thanks to my manager for introducing me to the world of TeaPigs!!)”

Great everyday Tea

* * * * * by Julia • 11th December 2017

“Buy this tea for my hubby as he really enjoys the flavour. A great allrounder”

The best breakfast tea!

* * * * * by Jennifer Brammall • 8th February 2018

“It's such a treat now to have a delicious cup of fresh loose tea rather than a sad teabag. Highly recommended!”

excellent taste.

* * * * * by rosemary mew • 27th December 2017

“Introduced to teapigs by a friend when I was looking for a better tasting everyday tea. And I am sure glad she did.”

refreshing tea

* * * * * by Heather Thompson • 25th February 2018

“Lovely tea, great taste, brilliant to drink anytime of the day.”

A daily tea treat

* * * * * by Claire • 27th March 2018

“Such a strong, fresh, real tea flavour. So much nicer than an ordinary supermarket tea bag. I tend to treat myself to a cup every day as a little luxury.”


* * * * * by Ken • 16th April 2018

“Fast delivery. Excellent quality a taste of it's own”

A wonderful after thought

* * * * * by Amanda Evans • 29th May 2017

“I ordered Clean green and Snooze and then just decided to try Everyday Brew.. Fabulous flavour and I won't share it so I keep it hidden. It tastes like the old fashioned leaf tea I had as a child. No dust just fabulous large leaves... I'm hooked!!”


* * * * * by Mandy • 15th October 2018

“A really good cup of tea! Just that! Tastes really “fresh” and refreshing.
Expensive for 50, compared to price of 80 of other teabags, but very nice.
I’d buy again.”


* * * * * by Sharon Mcmullan • 8th November 2018

“Got mine today , absolutely lovely. Best cuppa I've had. Do good I ordered two more packs and the storage jar. Well done teapigs I was hooked on the first sip.”


* * * * * by Lisa • 16th March 2016

“This is an amazing everyday tea! It has layers of rich flavour and goes well with milk and sugar, the way I like my tea. Will buy more as and when I can afford it!”


* * * * * by Amy • 18th March 2016

“I am a tea snob, it was yorkshire tea all the way... then I tried this wonderful tea, I have not gone back since..

It is just perfect, the best tea, full of flavor and satisfying.

You need to try it!!!!

I love it loose in the tea infuser.”

there best tea ever

* * * * * by Mr D pierce • 19th November 2015

“I first tasted this tea in south Australia in a beach cafe and I who's converted their best tea I have ever tasted”

Really good full bodied every day brew

* * * * * by Steve M • 14th March 2017

“This is a lovely every day tea. Nice and full bodied with no bitter after taste - I could be wrong but there's maybe more Assam in this blend than most every day teas.

This is chalk and cheese from mass produced tea bags.”

Tea with taste!!

* * * * * by Anthony • 4th January 2012

“Some may call me "Tea Total" and I love the taste of a full bodied tea, this one really hits the spot, I will be buying more, the quality is worth the cost if you love your tea.”

Really Good Tea

* * * * * by • 28th May 2008

“Really good tea, just perfect for a pick you up in the morning. Well done!”

Full of flavour

* * * * * by Michelle Yau • 31st March 2015

“I got a free sample of this with my order and I absolutely love this. Full of flavour and really strong too. Will be purchasing this in the near future! Highly recommend!”

It couldn't be more perfect!

* * * * * by Victoria • 31st March 2015

“Oh my. So I got bought this tea as a gift when I moved into my own place and it is now a necessity in my cupboard! The morning glory everyday brew is absolutely my favourite and it's perfect for a rainy day curled up on the sofa in my dressing gown. Honestly wish I could give it more than five stars... Perfect!!!”

Fantastic brew

* * * * * by Deem • 9th April 2015

“This is one of the best tea I have drunk, if not the best. It is good quality tea as I always wanted my tea to be
TeaPigs Everyday Brew does quench the thirst, it also cleanses the palate and above all refreshes the spirit.
This is a real treat for me but for the environment too, as the tea bags are biodegradable.
I don't think that I will go back to my old teabags as they are so mediocre compared to Teapigs.
I also was pleased to share the love with my knitting buddies" who all agree that this is the "crème de la crème" of tea.”

The BEST tea I have ever had

* * * * * by Ingrid of Sydney • 20th October 2011

“My husband recently returned from the UK with a box of this tea. Just seeing how much the leaves expanded inside the tea temples impressed me and then I took my first sip... heaven!
As a life-long tea lover and I was instantly hooked as this is by far the BEST tasting, freshest leaved, most delicious tea I have ever drunk.”


* * * * * by Jess • 11th November 2011

“Simply the best cuppa. Gorgeous!”

English Tea

* * * * * by Dianne Owen • 11th October 2011

“Lovely strong taste, but would love a caffeine free version for my partner if possible?”


* * * * * by • 7th February 2009

“My local tea shop only sells teapigs, and this is the most wonderful cuppa. My bog standard bags at home are just not the same! Really tasty, clean and refreshing. I can't wait to try some more unusual ones next!”

Every day´s best moment

* * * * * by Jessica Majlund • 12th May 2014

“I love this tea and I NEED it every morning. It´s just the best.”

Best tea yet

* * * * * by • 26th February 2008

“This tea is full of flavour without the bitterness and dry after taste of other brands. This is a must for the first cup of the day!!”

The Best Tea I Have Ever Had

* * * * * by Zan Hollin • 5th November 2014

“I love this tea. I have tried lots of tea and it's perfect. It never seems to over brew and it tastes amazing. I don't mind about the price, you get what you pay for.”

My Everyday Brew

* * * * * by Nick Bird • 29th November 2014

“Since getting Teapigs for Christmas 2 years ago I an a complete convert, especially to the Morning Glory (English Breakfast), which I have every morning. It's strong, robust and refreshing. I even did a head to head with Clipper & Twinings, and the Teapigs was the most flavoursome of the lot. At 20p a cuppa I don't think it's overpriced. A much better product than Starbucks' very average drinks, for which people are happy to spend 10 - 20 times this cost. Spread the love!”

Everyday brew

* * * * * by F Turner • 2nd April 2014

“Bought a pack of teapigs everyday brew on a whim and now I am hooked! I cannot survive without my tea and have spent years trying all sorts of brands to find my perfect cuppa. My search is over! Teapigs is rather expensive so can't drink it all the time but that only makes it even more special when I do. Thank you to everyone at teapigs!”

Kickstart the day

* * * * * by Anne Saxelby • 6th March 2015

“I've tried lots of tea brands and haven't found one that really tickles my taste buds. I'd love to try your tea and see if it propels me into action”


* * * * * by • 24th June 2011

“Best English brew I've ever tasted!”

Great tea first thing

* * * * * by Sophie brown • 27th May 2012

“I normally have coffee in the mornings but was given this tea as a gift and truly the best cuppa ever!
Such a nice taste I cut my sugar in half so I could taste the tea more!!!
I'm now loving tea again and will be purchasing lots of new flavours!!!”

A winner!

* * * * * by Lucy • 20th May 2012

“Best tea I've supped (quietly I might add).No nasty bitter tannin aftertaste just blinking lovely and refreshing.
A real treat for tea lovers.”

THE Best Breakfast Tea I've Ever Had!

* * * * * by Chelsea Tamburini • 10th August 2012

“Found this website after browsing blogs and fashion websites one morning and decided to purchase a few different types. My tea came this morning and after trying a cup of this tea and the green tea with mint I'm completely converted, will never touch a teabag from the supermarket again, can't wait to try the other flavours I recieved!”

How an everyday brew should taste

* * * * * by Darren Holloway • 3rd June 2012

“This is a great, great black tea combo to have, however you like it. I gave up sugar in all teas years ago, and supping this makes you remember it's worth it. I like this brewed for at least 3 mins (as suggested) and with a little milk. This is now my mainstay tea for all occassions.”

A superb tea

* * * * * by Jill MacKay • 12th January 2012

“I received a box of these for Christmas and I was extremely pleasantly surprised. I'm a fan of strong, black teas with complex flavours and I drink them black. Most boutique tea sellers have a problem where they appear to prefer sweet, delicate and flowery flavours and in the mornings that's just not what will do at all. My first cup of the English Breakfast Tea dispelled all my doubts.

This is a strong, fortifying tea where every cup gives you that feeling of "a cuppa". Brilliantly reassuring and reflective, drinking a cup of this tea makes you feel as though you've taken a break, even if you've been staring at your work the whole time you drank it. It's the feeling of boiling a cup of tea, peeling off soaked and frozen clothes, and sitting in front of the fire to warm up. It's the tea you had that one killer day at work when you sat down for the first time in ten hours and had a quick chocolate biscuit. It's the tea you woke up with that Hogmanay that went on for three days.

Buying more as we speak.”


* * * * * by suzanne • 8th September 2012

“simply delicious english breakfast tea. Its how tea tastes like in Asia and Uganda (where its actually from) Nothing in the super market can compare to this. I have spent 10 years looking for tea thats as good as the fresh, loose indian tea you get but in a bag form and this is it. Am now left wonderfully satisfied and eager to try the whole range.”

Happy Mornings

* * * * * by Kathleen Elliott • 11th December 2012

“My first encounter with Teapigs everyday brew was at a B&B in Bath. Catering tea is usually awful but this was excellent. Also your ginger and lemon tea. I am now going to order some for my home use. B&B was 4Beaufort where the catering is first class and singles are welcome.”


* * * * * by David Williams • 1st June 2018

“I'd almost given up drinking tea, I probably had about 1 cup per month and then my niece bought some teapigs for a Christmas present and I have to say I'm hooked.
It's a well balanced and extremely flavoursome cuppa. I like my tea strong and this one is just ideal for me.”


* * * * * by Jo Smith • 20th December 2012

“It's a long-standing joke amongst my family and close friends that when they make me a cup of tea, it has to be weak and very milky ("looks just like dishwater" is a common description). Not anymore, as long as it's teapigs Everyday Brew!

I can enjoy this tea much more brewed than teas you get in the supermarket. The taste is so much clearer and complex, and, well, yummy! Unlike all other black teas I've come across, this does NOT taste like soap when the teabag has seen the water for more than 30 seconds.

I intend to always have a supply in my kitchen cupboard from now on, and with a bit of luck I may convert my mum too - bought her a mix 'n' match pack for Christmas and, I've a feeling she'll like this one...”

Amazing Tea!!

* * * * * by Kelly • 18th December 2012

“I went out for lunch with a friend today and experienced my first cup of teapigs. I was absolutely delighted and could not believe how good this tea tasted!! I even went back to the shop and purchased a bag this evening.”

Oh pigs!

* * * * * by Michael Wainwright • 28th December 2012

“In the summer my wife had a pot of tea in the Captains Club Hotel in Christchurch. She was very taken by the pot and flavour of the tea. Then at Christmas she received a tea pot, mug and packet of tea. She is delighted! Trouble is that the supermarket tea is no longer good enough and it is going to cost me a lot more as she reckons her Morning Glory is the best cup of tea that she hase had for years. I am going to have to put in a new order!”

Contentment in a mug

* * * * * by Amy Keighley • 23rd January 2013

“I love this tea. It has a great flavour and is a great morning brew. The only downside is that whenever I drink it, all I want to do is sit back and savour it, which sometimes I don't have the time to do!

I've also been giving some to my tea-loving friends, and they are raving about it.”

Teapigs.morning glory everyday brew

* * * * * by Brenda Marie Batty • 22nd July 2013

“Best Tea I have ever tasted...!!!
Whilst visiting and staying at a hotel in Kintbury, England, They served this tea complimentary...
Sorry I did not purchase more before returning home to Canada.”

english breakfast

* * * * * by • 10th January 2008

“What luxury tea, nothing else will suffice once you have had a cup of this tea.”

Fab Tea!

* * * * * by • 6th December 2007

“Love the stuff... couldn't face the world without a bucket of Teapigs English Breakfast!”


* * * * * by Meryl smith • 24th March 2012

“Top cup of tea,touches the spot,worth the extra pennies.”


* * * * * by Robert Dunlop • 23rd September 2012

“I am quite a tea fan....I have always tried to steer clear of the main brand teas as they all seem to lack taste really....

Decided to treat myself to a pack of 'Everyday Brew'.....
Blown away I think best sums it up! I am quite hooked.....tangy, malty, warm, and overall completely satisfying!.....
Perhaps the best tea I have tried so far. I true achievement for the blenders at Teapigs!”

A great tea

* * * * * by Miss Devonshire • 18th February 2012

“All I can say is that this is just good quality tea. Thank-you teapigs!!!!”


* * * * * by • 14th April 2011

“.. the best "normal" tea there is!

If you want a good old fashioned cuppa this is THE one. If my great grandma was still alive she'd love your Breakfast Tea, I can hear her now saying "cattatea?" in her cockney accent :o)”

Like 'normal' tea - only better!

* * * * * by • 10th March 2009

“Mmmm.. this is is the perfect morning cup of tea, like 'proper' tea, only better. If you're not sure about the herbal teas, and just want to have the nicest cup of black tea you've ever had, give this one a go! I like my tea quite strong, and a cup of this brewed for about 3 minutes with a splash of milk is perfect. It really is a morning glory!”

So that's how tea is supposed to taste!

* * * * * by Kate Fenton • 19th October 2011

“The first thing I reach for in the morning is my cup of tea (OK, the first thing after my Macha shot) and now, instead of guzzling it to get the caffeine in, as I'm rushing to get out the door, I allow myself a few extra minutes in the morning for that 'aah' effect. Love it!”

The best everday tea I have tasted.

* * * * * by Christine Sanders • 13th August 2015

“I have just tried this tea and it is absolutely delicious. I've signed up for regular deliveries as well. I like mine with a spash of milk and a slice of orange, which compliments the lovely citrus flavour. Perfect at any time of day.CS”

Just gorgeous

* * * * * by • 7th July 2008

“Easily my favourite tea at the moment, gutsy and complex but also soothing and calming. It's great in the morning as a wake up call, but good for the afternoon as a pick me up too. I am a confirmed teapig with regard to this one!”

Brilliant Brew

* * * * * by matthew field • 15th March 2017

“This is without a doubt the best black tea out there. I am an avid tea drinker and have tried many different blends but teapigs Everyday really is the best! The bees knees, the dogs doodahs. It is a rich, malty brew with a very pleasant aftertaste. Plus I always feel very happy and content after a cup is everyday brew. I personally enjoy this tea in a big mug with a pile of chocolate digestives or jammy dodgers ready for dunking.”

Brilliantly British!

* * * * * by • 14th September 2010

“I drink lots of tea, usually yorkshire gold or twinnings everyday, but not anymore.

The teapigs breakfast is a real delight, if your at all found of a nice cuppa, then this tea will provide a guaranteed perfect brew, that taste is one to savour, truly a divine, warming, silky & smooth, with a strong hint of good old England.
Even if your not a tea drinker, I suggest you try this tea or give the gift of a wonderfully British tasting hot treat.

The packaging is elegant and friendly, the tea bags themselves are a curvy pyramid of a lovely fine mesh material, unlike any teabag you will have previously seen, the contents of each bag looks inviting and rewarding, attached to a small teapigs dip string, it almost seems a shame to throw the bags away.

An all round winner, definitely replacing my traditional cuppa.”

Mrs Tyler

* * * * * by • 17th March 2011

“Amazing taste. Clean and fresh. I'm converted Thankyou Teapigs”

Maggie Byrne

* * * * * by • 23rd October 2010

“We love your morning glory but wonder why it is seldom available in loose leaf form?”

Makes your morning

* * * * * by • 10th January 2011

“This is by far the best English Breakfast tea out there, so good I am on a mission to convert all my family.”

Best English Breakfast I've had in the US

* * * * * by • 18th November 2010

“I happened upon your English Breakfast in Waitsville VT (Sugarbush) at a health food emporium. I have yet to find another tea to match its bouquet and quality.”

My bad mornings tea

* * * * * by • 25th February 2011

“This tea is fantastic! But expensive. So ive been using it at breakfast time for bad days and jealously hiding it from my housemates!”

First time buyer

* * * * * by • 25th February 2011

“First tried this tea in the box brownie cafe in Stratford-upon-avon & realised what proper tea is like. Took the little tag off the bag & googled this site when I got home. So far I have bought english breakfast (a sure winner), green, earl grey & rooibos. Must admit that they will be more of a treat at home as they are pricey & I do drink a lot of the stuff but far better than the dust you get in the more expensive tea bags in shops. I like the look of some of the gadgets also but a bit of a budget stretch.

I think to appreciate the tea you should use ni milk or sugar.”

Romance of Tea is back

* * * * * by • 3rd March 2011

“The Romance in Tea is finally back. The well bodied Assam's, the aromatic Ceylon's and the Rwandians (have to confess I don't know what they do), have really combined to create a unique tea association and make my day

Thanks to everyone for making me fall in love with tea all over again


Really great stuff!

* * * * * by • 23rd October 2007

“I ordered the tung ting blue tea, lemongrass and organic honey rooibos tea. They are excellent. The taste is silent I think. Its not as bad as it sounds. I recommend you all to try them. My next order I will try the yerba, I hear good things about that tea. Great stuff”

Reply from teapigs, 24th August 2011

"We are glad you loved it Chris!"

Smooth and invigorating

* * * * * by • 18th February 2009

“This tea is of such wonderful quailty, sugar is completely unnecessary! Just appreciate the lovely favours without coating it in sickly sweetness”

Found by chance and now it's my little treat

* * * * * by • 12th October 2010

“I discovered Teapigs via a sample in one of my magazines. It was such a lovely smooth flavour that I had to buy more. It's not often that i'm seduced by a marketing campaign.
It has now become my treat tea. I usually make a cup when I return home from work using my teapot made for 1. Delicious!”

If it dont say "Teapigs" on the tag, then it aint real tea in the bag!

* * * * * by • 27th July 2010

“Very drinkable . Pleasantly refreshing.”

GOOD morning

* * * * * by • 7th May 2009

“Never again will those shop-bought-sweepings-filled-sorry-excuse-for-tea bags touch my fine bone china tea cup again. This is real tea with flavour and a pleasure to drink.”

English Breakfast / Morning Glory - What's the Story?!

* * * * * by • 23rd July 2009

“The best tea in the world. Thank you to the Lovely Tea Pigs Team!!!

My Husband is now addicted to English Breakfast tea, having been a coffee fan all his life. He now goes and uncomplainingly makes cup after cup of Tea Pig Tea.

Too nice not to drink the second it's brewed!

What a treat.


free sample

* * * * * by • 14th October 2009

“Hi there....today i received a free sample of your Morning Glory breakfast tea with my Joules brochure. Im sat writing this to you throughly enjoying this lovely cuppa...haven't had such a lovely tasting tea for a very long time...truely tastes like a proper cup of tea...some "oooph" to it !!
Thankyou for my free sample....i will shortly be a new customer and look forward to receiving my first order !
Ali Fowler”

breakfast tea

* * * * * by • 4th September 2009

“the breakfast tea is amazing you can definetly tell it is not just a cup of standerd tea. its taste good what ever mood you are in and i would recomend it to anybody!!!!!”


* * * * * by • 9th January 2010

“I received a free sample with my Christmas order - thank you Teapigs! I'm now sat in bed on a cold Saturday morning with the most wonderful cup of tea - the perfect start to the weekend. Highly recommended - I'll definitely be ordering more!”


* * * * * by • 23rd October 2009

“I'm a fussy tea drinker and usually only buy loose tea because I don't like tea bags, but the Morning Glory English Breakfast in their own little temples has changed all that! A lovely brisk flavour and without all the mess. Brilliant!”

The BEST!!!!

* * * * * by Cara Hudson • 27th November 2011

“I do not function on a morning without a cuppa and i could not live without it!!! The first time i tasted this it was just amazing and sooooo tasty, i will never turn back Tea Pigs all the way!!”


* * * * * by • 13th January 2010

“Well i was looking forward to this arriving. i normally indulge in the brutal Yorkshire Tea (deserving of the capital letters!) as i like a good strong cuppa throughout the day.

This makes a super cup of tea and has a wonderful flavour; i shall be recommending this to my friends and purchasing more when this is consumed!”

The 'mmm' Factor

* * * * * by • 3rd July 2010

“This is a really satisfying blend of breakfast (or anytime of the day) tea, which is dominated by a rich and distinctive Assam. In the past I have spent over twice as much on single estate Assams which were not nearly as good as this tea. I'm glad I discovered this excellent blend, and I will be back for more...”


* * * * * by • 14th May 2010

“I have fallen in love with all the teas I've tried so far but this English Breakfast Tea is a real treat. The taste is pure tea perfection. It gives me energy in the morning and a smile spreads across my face every time I pick up the cup :-) You really won't go back to any supermarket brand once you have had Teapigs. I urge you to buy the 50 temple option as I'm sure Like me, you won't want to be without it ever again!

Thank you to the Teapigs team for creating such high quality and perfect tasting teas.”

Possibly the best Breakfast Tea in the World

* * * * * by • 9th July 2010

“I dont count my self as an aficionado of Tea (yet but im working on it) but I have tried a few breakfast teas and this is an amaziming mixture of richness and sweetness.

It is such a great way to start the day.”

Possibly the best Breakfast Tea in the World

* * * * * by • 8th July 2010

“I dont count my self as an aficionado of Tea (yet but im working on it) but I have tried a few breakfast teas and this is an amaziming mixture of richness and sweetness.

It is such a great way to start the day.”


* * * * * by • 21st April 2011

“As a lover of strong tea (previously only Yorkshire Tea would do!), this is my absolute ideal as far as black teas go! Supermarkets can stuff their yeuky brands, I will consume no other tea! It will even be coming with me on my trip to Scotland!!!”


* * * * * by • 13th April 2009

“the best cuppa tea ever!!”


* * * * * by • 1st September 2010

“Simply delicious. Best breakfast tea I've ever tasted; my cupboards will always be stocked with this tea.”

Could it be any nicer?

* * * * * by • 11th May 2009

“Oh my goodness this tea is so divine it practically sings when enjoyed steaming hot in a lovely large mug. A complete life saver and a tea to enjoy everyday, I can't get enough of it! Can we have bigger bags of it please TeaPigs - 100g just doesn't last long enough (OK, I'm completely addicted I admit!),”


* * * * * by • 28th February 2010

“What a fantastic tea! Lively, bright and refreshing...great 1st thing in the morning. I've tried many breakfast teas but this is definitely the best!!”


* * * * * by • 12th July 2010

“I have just discovered these amazing teabags, they make the best cup of tea ever! Where have you been!!”

english breakfast tea

* * * * - by • 18th September 2010

“Taste is fresher and cleaner than other english breakfast teas. Fantastic to wake up with.”

Classic tea

* * * * - by • 8th March 2008

“This is a nice classic brew with plenty of depth, definatly a step up from your bog standard PG!”

A nice cup of tea!

* * * * - by Patricia Maureso • 4th March 2015

“Makes an excellent cup of tea.”

A good cup of tea

* * * * - by Patricia Wood • 4th March 2015

“I liked it very much.”

Good, but worth the money?

* * * * - by Holly • 8th January 2014

“This tea is good and one of my favorites, but I just don't know if it's that much better than something you can get at the grocery store for much less money. I do appreciate the experience of whole leaves in a tea temple, so I feel like that's what I'm paying for moreso than the taste (which, again, is good, but not significantly better than cheaper brands).”

These hogs really know they're way around a teabag.

* * * * - by Dan • 3rd September 2015

“After receiving a small windfall from a bet I'd made earlier in the week, I decided to splash out on this premium tea. I'll say now that I don't have a firm understanding of what makes a good tea or how to describe the taste of things. So, I'm just going to say that this tastes really nice compared to your more well-known brands of tea. It tastes fresh and light, yet has a strong flavour. This could easily become my go-to tea if I continue winning bets or if rich Aunt Hortense were to unexpectedly pass away. Outstanding!”


* * * * - by Jess • 12th March 2015

“I had this tea at a restaurant after my meal. At the first sip I was converted! I enjoyed it so much I went and bought myself a pack. It's my special weekend tea! Full of flavour and so relaxing!

Well done tea pigs!”

Strong flavour

* * * * - by • 20th February 2008

“Strong tea, not to everyone's taste but good for that early morning cuppa.”

cockle doodle doo!

* * * * - by • 31st May 2007

“This is a really flavoursome black tea - a brilliant pick me up and a great start to the day. Didn't have too much tannin or any aftertaste - was just delicious black and rich - triffic.

also noticed that the tea temple works the same as unbleached bags and keeps the tea looking and tasting luscious (and not of nasty chemicals and rubbish that them bleached bags mingle into your tea treats!)”

fantastic except the price

* * * - - by Natalie • 20th May 2014

“this tea is fantastic, and wonderful morning cuppa

the only down side is the price for the qty you get”


* * * - - by bfgb • 13th March 2012



* * - - - by Steven Philip Rhodes • 10th July 2018

“I found this too strong with a bitter/earthy taste that I really didn't like. Thank goodness there are so many excellent teapigs teas to choose from.”


* * - - - by dan smith • 7th January 2014

“Was recommended this by a friend, I don't personally taste the premium quality here compared to other cost effective teas.”

Not for me.

* - - - - by Colin Smith • 15th April 2017

“This is not for me. I think it's the addition of the Rwandan leaves that spolis it for me giving a dirty earthy edge to the flavours.”


* - - - - by Ben Brook • 26th September 2012

“After reading the comments, I had high expectations.

This is perhaps one of the worst English Breakfast tea's I've had!

Weak, even after brewing, tastes almost sweet and low on taste”

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