super fruit

une explosion de saveurs!

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GT 2019 1 star
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Cette infusion, composée de différentes baies, va combler tous ceux qui sont en manque de fruits. En bouche, c'est littéralement une explosion de saveurs! Qu'est-ce qu'on peut vous dire de plus? Que nous lui avons ajouté des fleurs d'hibiscus, qui, au-delà d'une belle teinte d'un rouge profond, lui donnent un petit côté acidulé particulièrement revigorant. Et tout ça naturellement sans caféine, bien sûr!

Louise, notre dégustatrice de thé, dit

Quel est le goût ?

Superfruitée, et avec une légère pointe d'acidité, juste comme il faut.

excellent si vous sentez

Vous êtes gagné par la mollesse, sans la moindre énergie? On ne peut pas être plus clair: bourrée d'antioxydants, cette infusion réveillerait un mort!

Comment nous l'aimons

Si vous aimez les fruits bien sucrés, essayez-la avec du miel. Ou pourquoi pas non plus avec un peu de crème fraîche.


Couvrez un "tea temple" d'eau frémissante et laissez infuser 3 minutes. Retirez le "tea temple" et remplissez le reste du verre d'eau glacée. Décorez de quelques baies fraîches.

L'heure de l'infusion

  • tea temple : 1 par personne. Infusez dans de l'eau bouillante. Laissez infuser pendant au moins 3 minutes.
  • thé en vrac : 1 cuillère remplie par personne. Laissez infuser pendant au moins 3 minutes.

L'infusion des feuilles de thé entières prend un peu plus de temps, mais l'attente en vaut vraiment la peine.

bon à savoir

GT 2019 1 star
  • Eau bouillante
    Eau bouillante
  • Laisser infuser pendant 3+ minutes
    Laisser infuser pendant 3+ minutes
  • naturellement sans caféin
    naturellement sans caféin
  • Calories 3
    3 calories par tasse
  • ce qu'il y a dedans.

    hibiscus, sureau, groseilles, cassis, arôme naturel, canneberges, myrtilles

  • Contenu nutritionnel pour 100 ml

    • 3 kcal
    • 0 sucres
    • 0 lipides
    • trace glucides
  • Allergènes

    sans lactose, sans gluten, convient aux végétariens et végétaliens. Manufacturé dans un atelier travaillant également les fruits à coque.

Avis des clients

* * * * * (102)

Punchy and refreshing.

* * * * * by • 16th February 2009

“This is a fantastic fruit tea. Most fruit teas usually promise so much, but deliver so little, but this really is a beautiful tea which tastes of real fruit. If you like your fruit teas with a little sweetness, I can highly recommend this with agave nectar syrup, as it is still tangy but with a sweet hit.”

Smells divine

* * * * * by • 4th April 2010

“The smell of this gets everyone asking what you're drinking! And, unlike other fruit teans you buy in the supermarket, it actually tastes as good at it smells.”


* * * * * by Nicola Feltham • 13th October 2011

“I'm normally disappointed by fruit teas - they smell nice, but don't taste so good!

This, on the other hand, tastes as good as it smells! Highly recommend it!”

I berry berry like

* * * * * by Elizabeth • 14th January 2015

“Most berry teas smell good but lack taste. Not this tea. It's really luscious and fruity.”

Tasty, ooh just so tasty!! Dream on...

* * * * * by DawnMorel • 7th December 2018

“I was at a local restaurant when I tasted this delicious, flavoursome tea, so taking the name and address, I ordered this tea on line and a few days later all arrived securely packaged and asking 'taste me!!" Leaving the tea bag brew for a few minutes, it is so worth the wait as this tea is just THE BEST! Flavoursome, scummy, luscious and so moorish, this tea is just sooo good. So go on spoil yourself, you only leave once. Don't miss out on this fantastic tasting tea. I travel to France, Australia, Hong Kong, Holland, Germany and ensure I always have a few of these bags with me - Why? 'Cause the airlines haven't heard of this amazing tea as year?”

tea of wonderment!

* * * * * by • 27th February 2009

“I LOVED this fruit tea. I always think that fruit tea smells nice but tastes of flu powders when you drink it but this one is beautiful. Sweet and tart at the same time. Makes me feel all summery inside!”


* * * * * by • 23rd June 2010

“Opening a pack of super fruit tea and inhaling the aroma is like being punched in the face by a fruit salad, strong, pungent and certainly not expected.
The super fruit tea has left me toying with the idea of getting this liquid intravenously, i am at a loss with out it.
The taste its self is UNREAL! its like no other fruit tea and the color is superb, a deep red.
Any tea enthusiast with out this tea on the shelf is no tea enthusiast in my eyes.
Thanks again Tea pigs for a stunningly perfect Tea.”


* * * * * by Laura Taylor • 23rd October 2011

“I drink lots of fruit teas, but I now realise they are poor substitutes for real fruit tea. This tea actually tastes as good as it smells. I have ordered lots of this tea.”


* * * * * by Clelia • 2nd February 2015

“Great Tea, so balanced with sweetness but also a bit of acidity, I'm drinking the third pot in a row!”

Amazing tea

* * * * * by Jagoda • 14th December 2018

“This tea is the best tea I ever drunk. Taste is amazing.”

Tooty Fruity

* * * * * by • 8th November 2006

“I've a seriously sweet tooth; addicted to Tooty Fruits and Fruit Gums sweets. This tea is perfect for my craving plus it's a wonderful refreshment after a swim. Can't wait to try my chocolate and popcorn teas.”

Smooth, fruity, beautiful tea

* * * * * by • 2nd May 2009

“My mum bought me a box of tea temples when she came home from a holiday, I thought they looked extremely posh and was expecting to be disappointed as mum has a habit of being sucked in to things that cost a lot and look nice!

I was very pleasantly surprised, other fruit teas have a backtaste or are slightly bitter, or have a hint of medicinal taste to them but this one is just lovely. I have been saving them as little treats when the kids are at school and the baby is having a nap and they've brought me to the website in search of more!

If you want an alternative to tea but find regular fruit tea isn't quite right it really is worth trying these, and they look pretty impressive when you have guests!”

So so nice!!!

* * * * * by • 4th July 2010

“If you like fruit tea then this is MUST.....It is by far the best fruit tea I've ever tasted”

The best fruit tea on the market

* * * * * by Jess • 1st November 2011

“I had been enjoying various inferior bagged fruit teas before discovering Teapigs as a brand and it was only as I had my first mug of this that I realised how awful all the other teas I'd been drinking were in comparison!

This tea has a much stronger flavour and colour, and the aroma is incredible - the best fruit tea on the market by far, there is no competition”


* * * * * by Eleanor Hawkins • 22nd August 2013

“For someone who doesn't drink tea or coffee, this was wonderful delight. Especially with the glass cup and saucer also from the site. Watching the colour diffuse, smells devine. Either with a bit of sugar or honey I will try with a hint of cream next time lol. I will definitely be ordering more :)”

tea pigs tea

* * * * * by martin • 2nd February 2019

“hi this is one of my first purchases from teapigs and must say i am very pleased with it i have had tea from OTHER places and have no comparison with this company the TEAPIGS TEA is far more better than any thing i have had good service also i would recommend to any one to try it thank you tea pigs”

properly fruity

* * * * * by • 20th March 2007

“Fruit teas often smell good but taste of very little. This, though, tastes delicious and really does taste like a fruit infusion. It's quite sweet and has the potential to be quite strong, so don't leave the bag in too long if you like a milder tea. This would also be a good introduction to fruit teas for someone who has not liked them before.”

delcious - real flavours

* * * * * by • 12th May 2009

“I love red fruit teas but have always been disappointed with supermarket brands - even the more upmarket ones. They tend to have a candy aftertaste to them and just lack freshness. I tried a sample pack of the teapigs red fruit tea and am so happy with the quality. Fresh, real flavours and a clean aftertaste. Go teapigs!”

Super Fruite Tea

* * * * * by • 28th July 2010

“This is absolutely amazing and is exactly as described - not sharp, just perfect! In fact I accidentally left the tea temple in for far too long and it was still delicious. I am ordering lots and lots of this!
I really believe that the packaging is all part of the whole 'tea experience' and Teapigs have re-inspired my desire to be adventurous with my cuppa! Thank you!”


* * * * * by Marj • 12th December 2011

“I never liked the smell of fruit teas until I was sent a sample of this
by the lovely people at Teapigs.
WHAT A REVELATION! I love it and have just received another large order. The colour aroma and pure taste hit the spot brilliantly.
This tea is not really sweet and sherbet like. Pure and gorgeous.
Thank you.”

Finally a fruit tea that tastes as good as it smells

* * * * * by Vicki • 25th September 2013

“I have always loved the idea of herbal teas but always struggled with the "they smell fantastic but taste of nothing" syndrome!
Not with these. They taste even better than they smell.
Thank you teapig”

Try it cold!

* * * * * by Anastasija Gore • 31st March 2015

“I drink it cooled ,sometimes with some ice-very refreshing!))”

Fruity Tea

* * * * * by Janine • 15th February 2019

“This is the best fruity berry tea, tastes great and doesn't have the taste of artificial sweeteners that a lot of other fruit teas have”

Sara Michell

* * * * * by • 20th March 2007

“A very fruity and refreshing tea, delicious, nice hot, but also nice once it has cooled down too.”

Super Fruit Tea

* * * * * by • 1st July 2009

“Absolutely love it! Having tasted Karkade tea (hibiscus flowers) in Egypt for the first time in the 80's and loved it, I have over the years been trying to buy it in England, but with no success. This is the nearest to Karkade that I have ever tasted. Honey or sugar can be added if a sweeter taste is preferred. I love it and am hooked...tried it cold with ice last night and loved it.”

Super Tea!

* * * * * by • 24th August 2010

“I first tried this tea in a cafe about a year ago and was immediately suprised at just how lovely it was.
I am an avid tea drinker who has always liked the idea of fruit teas yet never managed to find one that truely tasted good. Until now :)
It makes me doubley happy that it's also caffine free. I'm currently 7 months pregnant and concerned about my caffine intake so this tea has been an absolute life saver.
It's juicy without being bitter or too sweet, even if you leave the temple in too long. It's also lovely cold!
Thank you Teapigs, for making this grumpy pregant lady a bit more chirpy!”


* * * * * by Karen • 9th January 2012

“My son bought me this last year but having been disappointed by the tast of so many 'fruit teas' I left using it until just before Christmas. It was lovely - and tasted properly of berries. I have now got a further supply and can honestly say its the first fruit tea I have ever liked..... I will endeavour to try some other varieties from Teapigs but for now I am enjoying this one.”


* * * * * by Julie Macfarlane • 9th April 2015

“After trying many supermarket brand fruit teas and being highly disappointed someone recommended tea pigs and so I thought I would give it a try and I am so glad I did - its so smooth and fruity not at all like anything I have tried in the past - really lovely. Highly recommend.”

Would give this tea infinite stars if possible

* * * * * by Anna • 5th March 2019

“I LOVE this tea!! Having never been a normal tea drinker and not much love for herbal teas, I always drank coffee. However, after cutting out coffee also I wanted to find a herbal tea that had the health benefits, no sugar and still tasted like warm juice and my gosh, this hits the nail on the head! It’s like drinking warm squash but packed full of more flavour. I can not praise this tea enough, love, love, love! So glad I came across it. Looking forward to trying new flavours.”

super fruits tea

* * * * * by • 1st May 2007

“My friend and I LOVE this tea!
we have even devoted a special day of the week to it. It's called teapig Tuesday.”

Super Fruit Tea

* * * * * by • 24th July 2009

“Fantastic tea even my 10 year old likes it.WOW”


* * * * * by Annette Cook • 25th January 2012

“I was unsure what to expect having being disappointed with fruit teas from well known brands in the past.
This however is in a league of its own.
There is no nasty 'paper' aftertaste from the bag spoiling the taste; I leave mine in the cup the whole time and it does not taint the taste at all.
The fruit smell and taste is wonderful - fruity but 'clean'. The colour of the water reminds me of the shade that Violet Beauregarde turned in the 'Willy Wonka' films - a wonderful deep blueberry shade. I've just ordered another box, this time 50 as I can't get enough.
Please try them, if you like fruit teas but wish they had a little more ooomph and no umplesant taste then this is your champion :)”

Super Fruit

* * * * * by John Connor • 6th March 2019

“Best fruit flavour tea I’ve tried”

True Fruit Tea

* * * * * by • 15th May 2007

“This stuff is amazing - I notice other reviews that suggest this as a good introduction to fruit teas and how fruit teas usually smell great yet taste of very little. This smells great and tastes amazing.

I've never liked fruit teas, I'm a huge fan of all other tea but fruit just never did it for me - until now - I'm a convert.

I can't wait to cool some down and mix it with vodka for a luscious summer ice-tea!”

Superfruits, give it a go

* * * * * by • 21st September 2010

“Love this tea, Ive never been into herbal / fruit teas before, as they are normally so weak and many taste like hay ! but teapigs is converting me. The superfruits is lovely and strong and very fruity. If your like me and never been sure of herbal/ fruit teas, just give this a go.”

Fabulously Fruity!

* * * * * by Loren • 19th April 2012

“I was sent two taster teapigs as I ordered from Joules.
After unwrapping my lovely gift I was pleasantly surprised by the special package inside. They are certainly not your average fruit teabags. It looked like pot pourri encased in luxury satin and the smell was delightful. Once the three minutes was up I was not disappointed, fruity but the perfect balance of sweetness. I enjoyed every sip and was disappointed when I finished my cup. Will have to order some more, may try the pick and mix and try all the flavours!
Thank you Teapigs!”

Super Fruit Super Nice

* * * * * by Rebecca • 6th February 2014

“Loved this tea! Got me into drinking tea in the first place. Finally no weak horrible taste, you can really taste the fruit!”

super fruit

* * * * * by Gill Beech • 16th May 2019

“Delicious and very fruity - definitely super. Can recommend”

Definatley Super!

* * * * * by • 12th August 2007

“Absolutley gorgeous! So much fruitier than a normal fruit tea and a lovely drink if you feel like something sweet after your meal, very refreshing.

Rose Whitford”

Fruity tea is definitely fruity

* * * * * by • 23rd September 2009

“I received my superfruit tea temple as a sample with my order of peppermint tea temples ... now I wish I'd ordered a whole box of fruit ones too! Definitely superior to all fruit teabags I've ever bought (and I've been conned into buying a few in my time cos they promise a lot and deliver nothing).”

Love from Australia!

* * * * * by Cara • 4th May 2012

“I got this tea as a sample from Joules, and im sooo glad!
I tried one with milk and it was not very nice (for me anyway) but on it's own it is the best tea ever! Ordering lots more :) :)”

Super fruit Super Delicious

* * * * * by Sam • 3rd January 2017

“Feeling ill, I was looking for a herbal tea that was as pure as it could be and a step away from me going out and foraging a super fruit brew, I was delighted at the quality and a couple of cups over the next few days and its certainly helping, so besides a delicious beverage I would also recommend this for your immune system as well! Well done Tea Pigs!”


* * * * * by Hazeydazey • 9th September 2019

“Love this tea hot or cold infused in a water bottle. Lovely fruity flavour, not to sweet. Delicious.”

Thank you teapigs!

* * * * * by • 1st October 2009

“I have drunk coffee all my adult life (and a little more to be honest)... I have always hated tea! Even the smell - urgh! So what do I do when I feel the need for a massive detox to increase my declining energy levels and decrease my ever expanding wrinkle allocation and waste line!? I can replace my odd (?) G & T with lime and soda but what do I replace my 7 cup coffee addiction with?? Answer - SUPER FRUIT! It is delicious!! And by far the tastiest way of getting over a caffeine addiction I can think of. I ordered a couple of different deals to try lots of teas - some of them are horrid (any chance I can return an opened box if I have only had one bag out?) Super Fruit and Chamomile Flowers are by far the nicest. I do quite like the liquorice and mint too, but need to be in the right mood given the sweetness.”

Odd but nice!

* * * * * by • 24th March 2011

“I wasn't sure what I thought of this particular tea first time round, it took me well onto my third cup to decide that I liked it, and that I wanted to get the bigger version (which I now have!). This is a lovely infusion; not quite 'refreshing', and yet at the same time works well if you're having one of 'those' days where you just need some time out.”

super fruit buonissimo

* * * * * by michela pin • 25th June 2012

“E' il miglior tea alla frutta! io lo preparo lo metto in frigo lo servo freddo e una bevanda dissetante ottimo!!!!!!!!”

The best fruit tea ever!

* * * * * by • 18th March 2008

“I'm a big fan of fruit teas but like most people, I find that they always smell better than they taste. The superfruit tea is the total opposite...really powerful fruit flavours that linger and refresh. I love it!”

super fruit tea!

* * * * * by • 31st October 2009

“the best herbal tea ive ever had! actually bursting with flavour,yummy!”

Super Fruit Simply Sensational!

* * * * * by • 9th April 2011

“I stopped drinking fruit tea infusions a long time ago because I felt they tasted artificial and somehow manufactured. After getting hooked on rooibos tea temples I decided to try the super fruit ones. The aroma, the colour, the taste - no comparison! Absolutely gorgeous and no dust in the bottom of the cup! Will definetely recommend them to my friends.”

Tea Convert!

* * * * * by Jenni Thompson • 9th July 2012

“I don't drink tea, as a whole, never really got the hang of it. Received a free sample of the Super Berry one with an order from World of Books and spent a week smelling it before I decided to take the plunge and try it. It's delicious! It tastes as good as it smells and the flavour is really prominent!
In fact, I've gone and ordered a load of sample packs from Teapigs to try, because I am definitely a tea person now! Thanks!!”


* * * * * by Rachel • 19th March 2014

“After receiving my order today I couldn't wait to taste it. When I opened the packet it smelt really scrummy and I wasn't let down by the taste either. The berries really come through and there not a bitter after taste, like some fruit teas. I think I've just found my new favorite drink.”

Full bodied fruit

* * * * * by Amy • 24th April 2017

“Very good full fruity taste. Beautiful bouquet when raised to the lips and tantalizing on the pallet. Perfect for after dinner in the spring.”

lovely lovely

* * * * * by • 11th April 2008

“I'm not a fan of hot drinks at all, only the occasional hot chocolate and now I'm addicted to this stuff, my mother in law is also now a fan!”

Lisa Henderson

* * * * * by • 5th November 2009

“I am new to teapigs,ive always wanted to be a little more healthy by drinking friut teas but have always been dissapointed by thier watery vague flavour.Teapigs you knocked me sideways with your Fruit tea it actually tastes of fruitvery zingy and tart.I am a Arnie says "i will be back".....:))
Mr Coffee Bean has his nose frimly pushed out from here on in!!!”

super fruit tea

* * * * * by • 12th April 2011

“F.A.B. product, so much flavour and nothing like the wishy washy stuff that you usually get.”

Red is the colour!

* * * * * by Catymmh • 15th August 2012

“Having tried various (endless) other herbal teas - I stumbled across teapigs in Selfridges. Nothing else really compares anymore! This red tea is just superb and tastes even better than it smells - which is fantastic! Have to keep plenty in the cupboard as I really cannot go back to 'ordinary' herbal teas ever again!”

Fabulous taste

* * * * * by Mrs A Smith • 3rd April 2014

“I was recently poorly and could not drink tea or coffee so tried some fruit tea from the supermarket but these ones were bitter and dried out my mouth. Tried these tea bags which have been a taste sensation and I really enjoy the flavour the longer the bag is in the better the flavour. Like drinking fruit punch. Will never buy anything else now. Thank you teapigs. X”


* * * * * by Hazah • 20th July 2017

“Me: Instant convert
teapigs: Job done!

What? When? Why? Eh?... So teapigs Super Fruit Tea popped its fruity snout into my consciousness last night whilst researching Hibiscus tea (great for hypertension apparently). Since I live in the sticks and am far too impatient for mail order, I harvested a pack from the local grocery store this afternoon... I'd only been home 20mins and already had two cups! Wowee, I'm completely blown away by the fruit punch... so incredibly yummy in fact that I ended up suckling the used teapig (!) and then munching on the leftover fruity bits (not sure if that's normal or not? ... Ha!). At this rate, a box of 15 little piggies won't last me long at all and of course I'm now snuffling through the website dribbling at the thought of the rest of the teapig family... So as of this day in history, I'm officially converted and will be saving up my teapiggybank so that one day I might possess them all!”

Super Fruit Tea

* * * * * by • 14th August 2008

“A work colleague gave me one of these teabags to try as I love herbal teas. I loved it so much I had to go and hunt out the local stockists and buy some for myself.”

Lovely and fruity!!

* * * * * by • 13th December 2009

“I absolutely love this tea!! Its so fruity! I have tried many herbal fruit teas and have always been disappointed as the flavours have been so weak and watery!
But no longer.... I have found the fruit tea for me!!”

Super fruit tea

* * * * * by • 26th May 2011

“The BEST fruit tea i have ever tasted. A must from Teapigs!”


* * * * * by Susan • 29th September 2012

“I am from the usa and recently visited London where a bright, happy, busy little restaurant called Giraffe near Russell Square carried the fruity tea in an iced version. It was delicious and refreshing, causing me to search for it upon my return home. My young waitress looked askance at it and had not yet tried it... Hope she does soon as she's in for a real treat!”


* * * * * by Maria • 9th June 2014

“I recieved a superfruit sample in my gardeners world magazine and just put it in the cupboard thinking it would be another bland flavour. A week later I thought I may as well try it and I am so happy I did as the flavour blew me away :) it tastes like strawberries and cream, and I only added water! I am so happy to have found a tea that actually has a lovely fruity flavour, a healthy alternative to sugary flavoured drinks without comprimising on flavour, which is what I have been looking for for sooo long! Can't wait to try the rest of the range. Thank you teapigs :)”


* * * * * by Farah • 4th December 2017

“I bought this tea mainly because it had 49 percent hibiscus, other teas which are purely hibiscus are unbearable. this is amazingly fruity and delicious, also on discount at wholefoods at the moment.”

sweet stuff

* * * * * by • 8th January 2009

“I have always liked the aroma of fruit teas but was always disapointed by the dusty non flavour in the cup. Well I was definately not disapointed with this! Really lovely tea.”

super fruits

* * * * * by • 14th January 2010

“I was given a gift of the super fruits at christmas, and boy they are amazing. From the cute little bag to the flavour of the brew, everything is just perfect. I cant get enough of them!. The flavour certainly knocks spots off any other fruity tea I have tasted. Think they were my most favourite gift!!!!”

Super Fruits - fantastic without the caffeine!

* * * * * by • 29th May 2011

“I had been having trouble sleeping so went on a strict "no caffeine after 6pm" regime but needed something tasty and hot for an evening drink - tried these as a trial pack and they are the only fruit tea that has ever lived up to the wonderful smell! I now buy the temples for evenings out, and the loose mix to use at home - heartily recommend, and now I'm sleeping better too!”


* * * * * by Kay Dryburgh • 7th February 2013

“I was given a taste of this by a friend and couldn't believe how fab it was. Am now on my second order and will drink forever. Smooth, tasty, colourful, scrumptious”

My favorite thing!

* * * * * by Jessica • 16th June 2014

“I have just run out and I feel a little empty inside! :(
This tea is my absolute favorite thing! I love the smell when it's brewing, the taste sensation when you drink it and the way you feel afterwards. Hot or cold, this is simply the best!
Nothing compares.”

Pleasantly surprised

* * * * * by Mjsgirl • 12th December 2017

“Wow! When I first smelt this tea, I thought it smelled like strawberry calpol which put me off. But the taste is absolutely gorgeous! Nothing like calpol! So fruity and relaxing on a cold winter's evening after dinner. Love this tea.”

Best fruit tea

* * * * * by • 12th January 2009

“I HATE fruit teas... except this one. It doesn't remind me of a synthetic fruity hot paracetamol mixture, thank goodness, it's just gorgeous, full of flavour, and really delicious. Love it.”


* * * * * by • 20th January 2010

“I love tea and herbal teas - a friend bought this fruit tea for me this morning - how amazing - it was just so soothing and although sweet refreshing too - I loved it and so came home tonight to put in an order for some more and have added lemongrass, rooibos and the breakfast tea too ! Fingers crossed they are all as delicious”

Super fruit tea is sensational

* * * * * by • 7th July 2011

“I love raspberries and it tastes just like them, so sweet and fruity! I only ordered a sample pack but I'm about to order more. Out of all the teas I've tried so far, this is my fave by far.”


* * * * * by Jo • 8th March 2013

“Whatever you do, make sure you order the tea pigs glass cup and saucer with this tea!! Watching it brew is really quite the most beautiful thing!”

Amazing fruity taste!

* * * * * by Niamh • 5th July 2014

“I'm not normally a fan of fruit teas in general because they usually taste either quite harsh and astringent or far too sickly sweet. I've always found other leading brands leave a kind of artificial, chemical aftertaste too, but this tea has converted me completely! The flavour has the right balance of tart and sweet, you can really taste each of the individual fruits it contains. It is robust without being too strong and undrinkable, perfect as a refreshing alternative to black tea, especially in summer! I have the sneaking suspicion I'm going to have to hide the other 14 temples in my box from my family or they will be gone in a couple of days...”


* * * * * by • 27th February 2010

“Wonderful aroma and a great taste to match. This really is a refreshing tea.”

This is how fruit tea should be

* * * * * by Dean Boardman • 11th October 2011

“I have tried lots of fruit teas before this one, The whole leaf style ones are generally the best with bagged fruit infusions normally tasting like somebody has rubbed a fruit pastel on a piece of cardboard. This however is very different you can taste all of the fruits in it and gives a really full taste. I like to drink it hot over an hour so it goes cold as this is also amazing cold. I tried it iced over the summer with a slice of lime and its great as a thirst quencher. Good work once again teapigs.”

Best Tea ever tasted

* * * * * by Joe • 22nd March 2013

“I've long been a fan of tea, I don't drink coffee or anything with caffeine and this tea is wholesome and so delicious! It's almost impossible here in the States to find good tea that is whole leaf and in a temple. Thank you so much Teapigs, I will be drinking the Superfruit for as long as I live.”


* * * * * by Brian • 13th October 2014

“Finally, I found a tea that tastes as good as it smells! This tea is the reason why I started liking teas. No need for sugar and it's also really good when served cold.”

Best served cold

* * * * * by Alice • 24th April 2018

“I first tried it hot. It was fantastic and very fruity but it was a bit too tart for my taste. So, for a change I tried the iced version - 2 tea temples, some honey and some ice - it was the most refreshing drink I've had in months!! I think I've found my favourite drink to go in the hot summer. Thanks teapigs <333”

superfruit teapig temples!

* * * * * by • 7th May 2010

“I love these and I wish I could get my tea intravenously .... i have given several friends who have turned their noses up when drinking other fruit teas and all have been pleasantly surprised and converted. I now have a shipping order for buying these for myself and my friends from our local stockist. If you are looking for a healthy and tastier (in my opinion)alternative to normal tea then try this one.
Finally I have to say


* * * * * by Helen Thomas • 11th October 2011

“I am always slightly sceptical about fruit teas because they always smell gorgeous and taste of almost nothing.
THIS ONE IS DIFFERENT! It smells gorgeous even before you put hot water on it. After a 3min swim, the colour is a deep cerise-y purple and it actually tastes of berries!

Thankyou TEAPIGS!”


* * * * * by tara keatley • 16th May 2013

“Each day in the office I have my little moment of calm whilst I sip my scrummy tea from my very elegant glass teacup and saucer... makes me feel human again! I love this tea, it's so refreshing taken hot or cold - highly recommended!”

A fruit tea convert!!!

* * * * * by Laura Dunn • 14th October 2014

“I have never been a fan of fruit teas - but I received a sample of this at the wedding show and I am hooked! Its such a lovely fruity flavour, without being too sweet - and the perfect pick me up for someone trying to quit their Costa habit!! Well done :) Just ordered a box of 50”

Rich fruit tea

* * * * * by Jan Tyhurst • 7th November 2018

“It is what it says. Best I have tasted.”

teapigs Super Fruit Review

* * * * - by Ursula Oliver • 22nd May 2013

“I have written a review on this fab tea at:”

Grown on me!

* * * * - by Lauren Williams • 9th August 2013

“Wasn't sure on this one at first, I thought it was way too sweet and syrupy, but my second time tasting it I brewed for 3 minutes exactly and it was actually really enjoyable. Thumbs up!”

Berry Good

* * * * - by Hayley • 21st February 2015

“It's very strong and morish, I loved drinking it and the tea seemed to be better when I left the tea temple in. It was good but I feel it could have more berries in the mix.”


* * * * - by • 18th September 2010

“This is amazing! I usualy stear clear of fruit teas as all the other's i have tasted have been foul but this is wonderful!

Sweet, rich and tangy it makes for a lovley drinking experiance and with all the health benefits that go with it.

I only had one bag, but I will order a pack as soon as possible!”

Smells sweet, tastes sour (not in a bad way).

* * * * - by Tom Hawkins • 29th February 2016

“This tea has an extraordinary aroma and also presents a striking colour palette as it brews, starting pink then purple then going slowly darker and redder. It smells strong and sweet but then on the tasting it is actually quite sour (like the berries it is made from). I got it as a free sample with a mix and match box and I think I might order some more. I like the suggestion of another reviewer to have it cold. I think also that a tiny amount of honey or sugar would counterbalance the sour flavours and make a completely different drink. All in all a good one if you are in a berry kind of mood.”

Super Fruity

* * * * - by SueC • 7th February 2014

“This is a robust fruit tea although I would like a bit more zing just to balance it out a little bit. Having said that it is delicious and refreshing so would recommend. I have sweet tooth but no need to add any sugar to this. Am using loose tea with the loose leaf diffuser which works brilliantly. Can control intensity of flavour this way too.”


* * * * - by • 8th March 2008

“I bought this for some friends, i'm not a big fruit tea drinker as i find it smells better than it tastes. They were very impressed and claimed it was the best they had ever tasted! They found it really fruity and you could distinguish the different flavours of the fruits, and not too sweet.”

A rich blend of fruits, that tastes like real fruit.

* * * * - by Colin Woodruff • 3rd February 2017

“I've tried many fruity teas and while they always smelt nice they never seemed to hit the spot.

these however smell just like they taste, lovely. As suggested add honey if needed as if brewed for a while can be a touch tarte.

I love mixing between this, lemon and ginger and liquorice and peppermint. I love tea pigs.”

Tastes as lovely as it smells

* * * * - by nicola austin • 26th February 2018

“Fruit teas so often smell wonderful but don't have the flavour to back it up - this one does!”

Tea Pigs' Super Fruit Tea Review

* * * * - by • 23rd January 2009

“I really enjoyed tea. I found I like it both hot and cold - it makes a very refreshing fruity cold drink. I would recommend!”

Good for fruity people!

* * * * - by • 12th February 2009

“I don't usually like fruity teas so aren't really the best person to be reviewing this, but I decided to try it anyway as it looked so tempting!

It's very fruity (obviously!) The cranberry is quite strong in this, which makes it a bit tart.

Good for those who like fruit teas.”

Unfortunately not for me

* * * - - by Stacey wildbore • 1st January 2014

“I absolutely love berrys,this tea smelt absolutely divine but unfortunately wasn't for me the strength of the tea was too much, very strong I don't like blackcurrent and this reminded me of very strong Ribena..great smell though.”


* * * - - by • 29th August 2009

“Having never been a fan of fruit teas, I bough Super Fruits in an attempt to be more health conscious. Am I glad? Maybe. I don't know. Though it it far, far superior to anything you can buy in the supermarket in terms of flavour, it wasn't as fruity as I was anticipating. I will perservere though, I think this may be an acquired taste for me but I am willing to keep giving it a go.”

Better have a smoothie or something

* * * - - by • 13th January 2011

“It does have a fruity taste but its similar to if you squashed up a raspberry and poured hot water on it. It's not brimming with taste and its generally not that nice to drink. I think it could be improved by being a bit more.. i don't know, fresh. Like, a bit more rhubarb crumble and less squashed berries. In conclusion: nice enough, but there are far far better teas on this site you should spend your money on.”

Sour not sweet

* * - - - by Jingyao Liu • 27th May 2016

“The color is very pretty and the taste is fruity, but just sour and not sweet. I don't like to have to add honey or sugar to tea. I was hoping for a sweet berry taste.”


* * - - - by S Martin • 12th February 2014

“Nothing really to write home about, found the flavour ok if not too strong - recommended brew time way too much for me, results in a very bitter taste. Added a slice of orange to zip it up a little.
Not really for me.
Wouldn't buy again.”

Looks better than tastes

* - - - - by Nicole McLoughlin • 26th January 2014

“When i opened the carton up i was impressed by how cute the tea bags actually where and also how good they smelt however the taste was very disappointing to me. I am not normally a tea drinker so bought this as it had a twist but was let down by flavour as it was grossly bland.”

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