apple and cinnamon

un fruit, une épice et laissez le charme agir…

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great taste 2018 1 star
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Que ce soit dans la tarte aux pommes de mamie ou dans les muffins et pancakes américains, rien ne vaut la saveur d'un pomme juteuse reveillée d'une pointe de cannelle. C'est aussi l'association parfaite pour un thé plein de charme, à la fois fruité et relevé. Un grand merci à l'équipe d'"Olive and Bean", l'un de nos détaillants les plus sympas à Newcastle, qui nous a inspiré cette délicieuse idée!

Louise, notre dégustatrice de thé, dit

Quel est le goût ?

Exactement comme une tarte aux pommes.

excellent si vous sentez

En manque de douceur.

Comment nous l'aimons

A déguster telle quelle, pas besoin d'ajouter quoi que ce soit.

L'heure de l'infusion

  • 1 'tea temple" par personne. Laissez infuser au moins 3 minutes dans une eau frémissante.

Les feuilles de thé entières mettent plus de temps à infuser, mais l'attente en vaut vraiment la peine! 

bon à savoir

great taste 2018 1 star
  • Eau bouillante
    Eau bouillante
  • Laisser infuser pendant 3+ minutes
    Laisser infuser pendant 3+ minutes
  • naturellement sans caféin
    naturellement sans caféin
  • Calories 1
    1 calories par tasse
  • ce qu'il y a dedans.

    pomme, cannelle, marc de pomme, racine de chicorée grillée, acide citrique, feuilles de mûrier, arômes naturels

  • Contenu nutritionnel pour 100 ml

    • 1 kcal
    • trace sucres
    • 0 lipides
    • trace glucides
  • Allergènes

    sans lactose, sans gluten, convient aux végétariens et végétaliens. Manufacturé dans un atelier travaillant également les fruits à coque

Avis des clients

* * * * * (24)


* * * * * by Carmelo Romeo • 5th March 2018

“Molto buono lo compro ancora”

My favourite

* * * * * by Michal Mieczkowski • 14th March 2018

“I love this flavour. It reminds me of a homemade Charlotte cake my grandma used to bake. It smells and tastes so good. I would like to see a loose tea option for that flavour.”

Smooth Apple & Cinnamon flavour

* * * * * by Ann Downs • 14th October 2014

“These are lovely, they smell and taste amazing. Although the aroma makes you want to drink it asap, leaving the tea to brew for 5 minutes, gives it a lovely smooth fuller flavour. I'm really hoping these will be available in the larger pack soon.”

Fantastic tea

* * * * * by Paula Rainbird • 22nd April 2018

“Fantastic tea”


* * * * * by Serena Goodman • 17th October 2014

“The flavours here work so well together. I was prepared for it to be a little too 'desserty', but instead the combo is rather refined, very tasty, and not too sweet. Feels very appropriate to have as a tea all year around and not at all quirky. Thank you tea pigs!”

Calorie free dessert

* * * * * by Bethany Millen • 4th November 2018

“It's like a dessert drink, so yummy!”

Tis' The Season!

* * * * * by PL • 21st October 2014

“This combo is amazing, all those who sampled it with me loved it and we will be drinking Apple & Cinnamon this season and next!”


* * * * * by Samantha Macdonald • 1st December 2018

“I got this in the 2018 advent calendar. Which I got because it's a great/fun way to try out new teas and a new tea brand. This was behind one of the doors. I had it as my nighttime tea... It. is.amazing!!! it tastes exactly like an apple and cinnamon muffin will definitely be purchasing a bigger pack. Love it!!!”


* * * * * by Emma Swick • 24th October 2014

“Loved it, great flavour combination. Has fast become one of my favourites, will definitely order again. Hopefully available in a larger pack in the future.”

Genuine flavour

* * * * * by Fenella Bramwell • 22nd December 2018

“Lovely tea with a genuine and not overpowering flavour.”

A taste of Christmas

* * * * * by Sharon B • 27th May 2015

“I'm a teapigs newby so didn't quite know what to expect! To say I'm very pleased is an understatement, it smelt divine and tasted lush!! I will never buy another fruit tea from a shop again, if you want a tea that tastes like more than just hot water then teapigs is the place for you. I am now a teapigs lover”


* * * * * by Carmen • 17th February 2019

“Super, delicious flavour tea ... tastes just like Apple Strudel! 🍏”

Let there be tea!

* * * * * by Katharina Krebs • 23rd October 2015

“I started drinking tea very recently, and this one is the third I have ever tasted. I'm in love with it! It smells amazingly nice, tastes great, and it's perfect to dip chocolate-covered biscuits in it. Perfect for Autumn! I will definitely order it again.”

One of my faves!

* * * * * by James Howlett • 14th April 2016

“Absolutely love this tea!
The smell is amazing and the flavor is just as good. Not too over powering and very lite.
Great as a winter warmer or nice for chilling out and getting stuck into a good book. Keep em coming Tea Pigs!”

Apple Crumble in a Cup

* * * * * by Janette Nelson • 31st August 2019

“Lovely refreshing tea with a warm feeling.”


* * * * * by Rebecca Brown • 14th February 2017

“I love this blend, it is my favorite, just wish it was sold in the bigger packs or loose leaf to make it more economical!!”


* * * * * by Wrenster • 7th April 2017

“A lovely sweet afternoon pick me up. Will definitely repurchase!”

Apple & Cinnamon

* * * * * by Mark English • 21st April 2017

“Great tea, terrific flavour hot of chilled but please supply bigger size with more temples”

So good I need more

* * * * * by Colin Woodruff • 4th May 2017

“Right up there with the best teapigs. Just makes me want bigger packs and loose tea.

So good though.”

Dutch Apple Cake

* * * * * by CC • 28th October 2017

“This so reminds me of Dutch Appeltaart.....!
I highly recommend”

Starbucks watch your back

* * * * - by Rachel Butler • 9th October 2015

“I'm new to any tea other than pg tips but this is lovely it smells amazing, beautiful amber color also rich in flavor perfect for autumn. pumpkin spice latte better watch out.”

More cinnamon

* * * * - by Danielle • 14th April 2019

“Could have done with more cinnamon but a lovely delicate and taste”

Apple and cinnamon

* * * - - by Christine kellock • 16th January 2017

“I myself didn't think the flavour was strong enough, my husband likes it”

Very disappointed

* - - - - by KO • 4th March 2019

“Having read the reviews about Teapigs products, I was expecting great things ,especially given the price. I ordered a selection of teas and have been very disappointed will all of them. They lack any depth of flavour no matter how long you leave them to infuse. I will definitely not be buying any more,.”

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