lemon and ginger tea

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great taste 2017 1 star
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Il peut faire un temps vraiment pourri, cette infusion citron gingembre 100% naturelle va quand même vous transporter en plein été, vous savez, ces journées où on lézarde au soleil, en sirotant toutes sortes de boissons bien fraîches. OK on arrête là, mais vraiment, rien de tel que le punch du gingembre et la fraîcheur du citron pour vous faire cet effet-là ! *Cette infusion contient de la racine de réglisse.

Louise, notre dégustatrice de thé, dit

Quel est le goût ?

Le punch du gingembre associé à la fraîcheur du citron.

excellent si vous sentez

Un peu (ou très très) embrumé ? Ce mélange de gingembre et de citron va vous sortir la tête des nuages illico presto. 

Comment nous l'aimons

Délicieux chaud mais encore meilleur glacé les jours de grande chaleur.


Couvrez un "tea temple" d'eau frémissante et laissez infuser 3 minutes. Retirez le "tea temple" et remplissez le reste du verre d'eau glacée. Sucrez avec du Elderflower Cordial ou du sirop de fleur de sureau. 

L'heure de l'infusion

  • 1 'tea temple" par personne. Laissez infuser au moins 3 minutes dans une eau frémissante.
  • thé en vrac : 2 petite cuillère bien remplie par personne. Laissez infuser au moins 3 minutes.

Les feuilles de thé entières mettent plus de temps à infuser, mais l'attente en vaut vraiment la peine!

bon à savoir

great taste 2017 1 star
  • Eau bouillante
    Eau bouillante
  • Laisser infuser pendant 3+ minutes
    Laisser infuser pendant 3+ minutes
  • naturellement sans caféin
    naturellement sans caféin
  • Calories 1
    1 calories par tasse
  • ce qu'il y a dedans.

    gingembre, citronnelle, zestes de citron, réglisse

    *veuillez noter que cette variété ne peut pas être expédiée en Australie et en Nouvelle-Zélande car elle contient des zestes de citron, ingrédients faisant l'objet de restrictions de la part des services de douane locaux*

  • Contenu nutritionnel pour 100 ml

    • 1 kcal
    • 0 sucres
    • 0 lipides
    • trace glucides
  • Allergènes

    sans lactose, sans gluten, convient aux végétariens et végétaliens. Manufacturé dans un atelier travaillant également les fruits à coque

Avis des clients

* * * * * (60)


* * * * * by Jane • 6th April 2016

“Suffering from a flu type virus this tea is wonderful I did add a little honey just to help with my sore throat. Love it”

Lemon and Ginger

* * * * * by julia • 21st January 2012

“Wow! Love it! I am a real fan of herbal teas and have had lemon and ginger lots of times before from a well known make but Teapigs is far superior and worth every penny”


* * * * * by amanda • 21st April 2014

“I make this in my little flask and keep the tea temple in it. It lasts me all evening sipping little cupfuls of and its certainly lemony and gingery! It helps stop me snacking as its so delicious and zingy.”

Lemon and Ginger

* * * * * by Virinder Gill • 9th February 2012

“Just tried it for the first time. The best lemon and ginger I've tasted, warming, soothing and full of flavour!”

My current favourite

* * * * * by Colin Woodruff • 3rd February 2017

“Love this tea, although I try to mix which teas I drink throughout the day. This always runs out first though.”

Best you'll ever taste

* * * * * by Kay Mangham • 29th February 2012

“Never been a fan of herbal teas as they always smell lovely and taste of nothing. I came across this Lemon and Ginger tea via my Mother-in-law,(God bless her!) who had sent over a collection of teas she had bought and not used. I instantly fell in love with this warming, well balanced tea, full of flavour. I am now in the process of converting all my work colleagues and have a several box supply, hidden in my cupboard. Another fantastic benefit is that you don't need half a packet of buscuits with a cup, just savour the taste. Plus, whilst trying to lose weight, I have started drinking this as an alternative to wine - now that takes some beating! Drink up and chill out!”

Brightens my day!

* * * * * by Molly • 4th June 2014

“This is without a shadow of a doubt my favourite TeaPigs brew (and I drink a lot!). One tea bag lasts for a couple of brews. That's not me being stingy it just the little bag is so full of flavour!

It brings a little bit of tea based happiness to my day!”


* * * * * by Fara • 27th August 2017

“I bought this today and I am really impressed with all of it! Haven't tried it yet but the smell is already amazing, I do have a silly question, it doesn't say so in the ingredients but does this tea have tea leaves in it? My hubby is allergic to the actually tea leaves and was wondering if it would be suitable for him? Thanks in advance! :)”

Reply from teapigs, 29th August 2017

"Hi Fara, Lemon & ginger is a herbal tea so technically isn't really a "tea" it is an infusion. Therefore it doesn't have any leaves from the camellia sinesis plant but it is manufactured in a factory that handles tea leaves. The ingredients that make up this blend are: ginger, lemongrass, lemon peel and liquorice root."

Lovely as a long, cool drink.

* * * * * by • 13th October 2010

“I received my order of this tea last week and finally decided to open the box this evening. However, as I have just had a bath, I felt too warm for a hot brew, so I decided to make this with fizzy water. I first of all brewed a tiny amount of tea in my large mug with about an inch of just off the boil water. I let it brew and cool then I topped up with a bit of cold water, then some freshly made fizzy water from my fizzy drink maker. It is delicious, very very refreshing and also has a lovely spicy kick to it. A new favourite!”

The best tea

* * * * * by Carrie • 28th March 2012

“The best tea ever, infact I don't drink anything else, just a shame they are not sold in bigger boxes.”

Delicious Zingy Tea

* * * * * by Gillian Lindsay • 12th June 2014

“I first tried this at Wagamamas in Glasgow and loved it so much I tore the little label off the temple and took it home. A bit of web surfing later, I have a box of these tea temples, a box of Dream On and Matcha. I am getting very addicted to your teas Teapigs. And for someone who owns a Jura coffee machine... well, my kettle is getting more use at the moment. A very refreshing tasty tea.”

first time teapig drinker

* * * * * by Mark Linton • 23rd March 2018

“first time and im hooked... I didn't like ginger at all but this is addictive... WOW I love it”

lemon and ginger tea

* * * * * by • 10th October 2010

“I loved this tea,just the right amount of lemon and a kick of heat from the ginger,think this will be a favourite this winter!”


* * * * * by caroline waters • 18th June 2012

“This is quite simply one of the best herbal infusions I have ever had! I bought this at the Good Food show in Birmingham and I have ran out already.....time to buy some more!”

Lovely mix of flavour

* * * * * by Rebecca Adams • 2nd October 2014

“I love that the ginger is quite subtle because I don't really like ginger! It's such a perfect autumn brew, especially with a nice dollop of honey to sweeten it. This is now another staple tea in my cupboard.”

Lemon and ginger tea

* * * * * by Leslie Burstall • 24th July 2018

“My wife says this is the best lemon and ginger she has ever tasted”

Lemon & Ginger

* * * * * by • 13th October 2010

“The best ginger tea i have tasted! All ginger teas i have tried are far too weak, i love the way the ginger 'burns' my throat - absolutely delicious”


* * * * * by Joe • 30th July 2012

“Just bought some more of this, having been bought some previously as a gift, and getting through the 15 bag pack rather quickly! It is an amazing blend, and I'm not usually into 'herbal' teas. The lemon flavour is not overpowering, and is balanced well by the ginger. I was a bit surprised that I liked this, since I usually detest liquorice/aniseed, but I think it adds to the flavour well, and is by no means overpowering. Well recommended - I reckon I'll enjoy it even more come winter time!”


* * * * * by Andrew Hayward • 30th August 2018

“its lush fresh and lovely (well thats what my wife said and she is the one who drinks it)”

lemon and ginger tea

* * * * * by • 24th November 2010

“I love this tea and am just about to order some more. Please don't tone down the ginger as some reviewers have suggested - it's the slight 'kick' that makes it special. For those who would like a smoother, more lemony experience I can highly recommend the lemon grass tea which is the best lemon tea I've ever had.”

Amazing tea

* * * * * by Leanne • 19th October 2012

“I really love this tea. The longer you leave it to infuse, the more intense the ginger flavour becomes. I have quite a lot of stress on at the moment, and for some reason this tea really relaxes me. And of course, its delicious!”

Just gorgeous

* * * * * by Jane • 18th September 2018

“I’m not a tea drinker but wanted to cut down on caffeine and love ginger so thought I’d give this a go.
It’s totally delicious - I love it! You may now have a new tea drinker on your hands”

Saving a Sour Stomach

* * * * * by • 25th October 2010

“I'm about 7 weeks pregnant and the morning sickness has been terrible with this one. One of the few ways I can stand water is in the form of tea and this one, the lemon and ginger and the peppermint tea in particular have been a huge help to me offering some moments of relief and clear thought.”

Super T

* * * * * by Joanne O'Neill • 26th October 2012

“This tea is amazing I've been having issues with tonsillitis recently and this tea has helped loads. It is very pleasant to drink and is bursting with flavour unlike a lot of herbal teas. It might not be for everyone but I adore it.”


* * * * * by LucyRuth • 26th November 2014

“I recently tried this for the first time and I just love it. Really zesty lemon, with a background kick of ginger and a hint of sweetness from the liquorice. Really uplifting if you're feeling low and so refreshing. Nothing like the powdery lemon and ginger teabags from other brands- this tea is a revelation.”

I love this tea 🍵

* * * * * by Andreea • 13th March 2019

“Love this tea. The taste is really good and I can't stop drinking. Thank you”

Very gingery

* * * * * by • 25th February 2011

“The smell is one of wonderful, fresh cut ginger, and the taste is similar. The lemongrass probably adds some flavour to the tea, but the ginger is all you'll get. This isn't a bad thing. Also, don't brew it too strongly, unless you have a cold.”

Loving this one!

* * * * * by Paul Davidson • 14th November 2012

“I recently wrote a review expressing my disappointment in the lemongrass tea. This brew however, more than compensates.
It s very refreshing and, as I discovered by accident, can be enjoyed equally when cold. The tang and aroma of the ginger complement the zest of the lemon and, unlike the lemongrass, produce a very distinctive and pleasant taste.
I also discovered that this tea has a very positive effect if drank when having a ropey tummy (pretty obvious really as ginger is known to settle a dodgy stomach). Another discovery of mine is that two cups are possible from one bag without any loss of flavour or aroma (Note to Teapigs: this should not be construed as carte blanche to reduce the quantity of tea in the temple!) or maybe I'm just a Philistine. Whatever. Knock yourselves out with this tea, it's ace!”

Soothing and sensational!

* * * * * by • 5th March 2011

“As a singer I rely on my voice to work! This amazing tea is heaven on my precious throat. It's warming and soothing and also really peeks me up in the chilly mornings! I add a slice of fresh lemon and I'm soothed and perky! Thanks teapigs x”

5 stars for service, taste and value for money

* * * * * by Gabrielle • 21st February 2015

“I first tried tea pigs at a spa a few years ago. I have never been a fan of tea, let alone herbal tea. I am so thankful that i discovered this company. At times i found it difficult to get hold of the one flavour that i adored from my local supermarket - lemon and ginger. Due to this i decided to place an order using the teapigs website. Within seconds my order was complete (which is impressive for somebody who is not that great at using a computer and doesn't particularly enjoy using them anyway). The delivery of my order was here before i knew it. The packaging was very convenient and easy to carry from my local post office - I ordered 400 tea bags. Due to buying in bulk as well as taking full advantage of the free delivery option and being given 10% off my order, the value for money was astounding. I am a very happy teapigs customer and fully recommend the company in general, especially my favourite flavour; lemon and ginger. You will not be disappointed. Thank you teapigs team.”


* * * * * by Heather • 16th April 2019

“Really love this, always have a pack in my drawer at work”

Lemon & Ginger Tea

* * * * * by • 15th March 2011

“I just wanted to say (as I am slowly working through all the herbal tea on the site), this has to be my favourite. The ginger is really zingy and uplifting and the lemon flavour just balances it nicely. I always go back to this one - yum.”

Just amazing :)

* * * * * by Hannah Kirchhoff • 7th January 2013

“This is by far my favourite tea. It doesn't matter if you leave the tea bag in for too long, it still tastes amazing. Even cold it is just still good.”


* * * * * by Jane Barlow • 6th July 2019

“Been wanting to try this and was sent a sample with my last order. Loved it. Will definitely be ordering some in the future”

Spot On!

* * * * * by • 16th March 2011

“I have been searching for a lemongrass and ginger drink for years after having visited the Maldives and had a delicious drink there. Teapigs have managed to hit the nail on the head and I am loving this flavour! It's light and breezy, lemony with a good hint of ginger that doesn't over power. I'm looking forward to the warmer months so I can drink it cold too.”

lemon and ginger

* * * * * by val cole • 11th August 2015

“I tried a lemon and ginger tea when on a day out visiting Helmsley. It was beautiful. I will be ordering some from your company. thank you”

Good but don't have too much

* * * * * by Victoria • 19th August 2019

“I'm giving it a 5 because I love the tea. However. I loved it so much I had three teabags in one day. I didn't realise how much of a effect it would cause on my bowels!
Teapigs, I think you need to put a warning on your labels to not have more than one a day or something!!”

The best Lemon & Ginger tea

* * * * * by • 14th April 2011

“I consider myself quite a connoisseur of lemon and ginger teas - I have tried them all (all I can find), I have even tried making my own from lemon, lemongrass and ginger at home.

Nothing, I repeat, nothing comes close to this beautiful tea. The sweetish, tangy, citrus bite of the lemon and the deep, firey warmth of the ginger just tango seductively to produce a very passionate yet refreshing drink.

If you have an upset tummy (or morning sickness) or are feeling full of cold then, if I were you, I'd reach for this tea. It is warming, soothing, comforting. It picks you up, twirls you around a few times and leaves you wanting another cup. Yes, the ginger does tingle in the throat a little - this is a good thing, I find it works wonders on sore throats and with nausea the ginger works from the throat down to settle your stomach.

This is a six out of five star tea if ever there was one.”


* * * * * by Catherine • 22nd September 2013

“This tea is the best lemon and ginger tea I have ever tasted! Received as a sample in my order, but I will definitely be buying this next time :) I definitely think it has the right amount of ginger, and has a lovely kick!”

What a nice surprise!

* * * * * by Zoe • 5th January 2016

“I'm not a fan of fruit teas normally - I find the smell far outweighs the flavour and am always disappointed when the liquid hits my tastebuds. So when my friend bought me some lemon & ginger teapigs tea temples for christmas, I wasn't exactly excited about trying them. How wrong could I be?! I brought them into the office with me to try and get help in offloading the 50 teabags, but after my first delicious cup I am most definitely taking them straight back home with me! Smells lovely, tastes delicious and very 'light' and feels like I am drinking something exceptionally healthy. What a great way to start the new year!”

No more coffee for me!

* * * * * by Chris Wood • 4th September 2019

“I used to drink nothing but coffee (pods) until I was introduced to teapigs Lemon and Ginger tea during an Eric Lanlard Afternoon Tea. The taste was so refreshing and such a lovely change to my usual beverage.
I drink teapigs at least once every day now and genuinely feel better for it.”


* * * * * by • 5th July 2011

“I have just had my first cup of lemon and ginger tea! It was lovely... A mix of comforting lemon and spicy warm ginger - the very thing I needed after a rubbish day!”


* * * * * by SueC • 7th February 2014

“A special tea with added zing factor! Lemon is not overpowering neither is ginger. In essence a good balance of flavours. Am using the loose tea with the loose leaf infuser which works brilliantly.”


* * * * * by margery nzerem • 21st November 2011

“This was the first tea I tried from my sample pack, and unfortunately has set such a high standard I don't see how the rest will match up. I normally find lemon and ginger tea disappointing - all smell, no taste. But this - wow - just the right blend of lemon and ginger, full of flavour. I will definitely order more - lots more”

Good strong taste

* * * * * by Kate • 28th March 2016

“Didn't disappoint. Good strong flavours. I always leave the bags in to maximise the taste. Would definately have again.”

very gingery

* * * * - by Jingyao Liu • 27th May 2016

“The tea is perfectly fine if you like gingery. I found the spiciness too hot for my throat and not very comforting, because I have to swallow it quickly.”

Lemongrass & Ginger tea

* * * * - by • 22nd September 2010

“Hi everyone,
I'm a great fan of your peppermint tea, and decided to try your lemongrass and ginger... Its nice but i feel it could do with being a little bit more lemony as the ginger really catches the throat nearing the bottom of the mug..
keep up the good work.

GoTo favourite tea

* * * * - by Sam Howell • 7th October 2014

“This one is my favourite, i love the bite of the ginger and the subtle lemongrass in the background. Make it hot in a big mug, and leave the teabag in. If it goes cold i still drink it so its never wasted. Tend to just top up the hot during the day.
If I'm feeling manky, i just chuck a spoon of honey in.”


* * * * - by Scarlett • 21st November 2014

“Received a sample of this with an order and will definitely be buying a box. Really invigorating with a fresh, clean taste.”

Refreshing and relaxing

* * * * - by Elizabeth • 14th January 2015

“Here is a lemon tea which you can actually taste the ginger in it as it's actually got bits of ginger in it. I like this with sweetner or honey and can be drank both Hot or cold. I thing it aphas some mate tea in it as well which is supposed to help you diet.”


* * * * - by Amanda • 20th March 2019

“Great taste, zero grit! Very refreshing, with a delicate lemon flavour that doesn’t overpower the ginger. Was a bit put off by the licorice as I’m not supposed to have it, but it’s quite subtle.”

Pleasant Surprise :)

* * * * - by Jo Smith • 31st December 2012

“Well, it smelled a bit like Lemsip while it was brewing (great for helping clear a stuffy nose), and the first sip, while it was still a bit too hot, tasted a little like Strepsils! But once it had cooled a little to a more optimum temperature... well, yum! Fresh, zesty, warming without being too spicy, this is a lovely tea, think I'll be ordering a larger pack in the not too distant future :)”

Subtle but lovely

* * * * - by Tom Hawkins • 25th February 2016

“I can see why some people don't like it, the flavour is quite subtle and nothing like squeezing a lemon and chopping some ginger into the cup but in the absence of the time/equipment to do that this is a reasonable alternative. I bought it as part of a tea sampling set and I like this one a lot and will be ordering a packet.”

Lemon and ginger tea

* * * - - by Heidi • 10th January 2012

“I've been trying to find a lemon and ginger tea since having cups after thai massages in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. I found this tea a bit too weak on the lemon side. I don't mind the ginger kick at all but think it needs an even balance of the two. It tastes better leaving the bag in the cup, adding a teaspoon of sugar and letting it cool slightly. Looking forward to trying the other samples I ordered :-)”

Nice tea, but less of it?

* * * - - by AlisonP • 22nd January 2013

“This used to be one of my favourites from tea pigs. Decaf and really packed a punch with the flavour.
I haven't bought any for a while and my latest batch didn't seem as they used to, I think the amount of tea per bag has been reduced and I just don't get the same impact I used to. Which is a shame.”

not great

* * - - - by Nina powell • 22nd May 2014

“I have tried for years to find a decent herbal tea and thought for the price these would be great but was sorely disappointed,left it far longer than you are supposed to and still found it really weak but with a hot sensation in the back of my throat, won't be buying anymore!”

Lemon & Ginger...

* * - - - by • 23rd September 2010

“I had my first cup today, it smells fantastic, and tastes very nice, but... the Ginger did burn my throat, especially once i got about half way down my cup... i think the blend is a tad too strong on the ginger side of things, and maybe it should be more lemony with a touch of ginger...? =/



* * - - - by Elly • 13th February 2014

“Even though I followed the instructions and infused for 3+ minutes, it didn't really taste of anything. I wasn't aware of the lemon and there was a slight ginger tingle on the after taste. I'll be sticking to Twinnings in future.”


* - - - - by Laura • 19th February 2014

“I was disappointed with this tea. It lacks flavour and I brewed for longer than required. When paying a premium price for luxury tea I expect it taste nicer than the supermarket brand but in taste this is no more elite than a Twinnings.”

Lacking flavour

* - - - - by Chantil • 1st April 2015

“I purchased 12 different teapig varieties as a mix and match and I'd been saving the lemon & ginger for when I was feeling a bit unwell - I make my own at home but obviously that's not possible in the office.

So today with a slight sore throat it was exactly what I fancied.

Imagine my disappointment then to discover the tea is weak. You can smell the lemon, but you can't really taste the flavour. The ginger also, I can't really taste, just feel the tingle afterwards. This is one I won't be ordering again sadly.”

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