mug "tie tea"

l'accompagnateur idéal de nos "tea temples"

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L'avis de teapigs

Quelques uns de nos fans, qui boivent leur thé teapigs dans de grands mugs, trouvaient le lien de nos "tea temples" un peu court et nous ont raconté que l'étiquette tombait parfois dans leur thé. Pour éviter le gaspillage, plutôt que d'allonger la ficelle, nous avons trouvé une solution : le mug "Tie tea" . Hourra ! Bien amarré dans les deux encoches, comme un bateau à quai, votre "tea temple" ne risque plus de sombrer!


  • En porcelaine
  • Hauteur 10 cm
  • Diamètre 8,5 cm
  • Adapté au lave-vaisselle

Avis des clients

* * * * * (7)

Fantastic Flask

* * * * * by • 7th November 2008

“This fabulous flask looks as cheery as a Christmas tree ornament and keeps tea hot for hours and hours. It doesn't leak a drop even when turned over by mistake (ask me how I know...). According to the brochure, the company makes a tea filter that fits the flask. That would be a great addition to the Teapigs selection.

Judy Landis”


* * * * * by katie • 31st October 2011

“This is Genius, I am getting one of these for a friend for christmas!
Are you selling any of your teapig t-shirts?”

Life saver

* * * * * by Marcus Franck • 26th November 2011

“I got this one for a birthday gift from my wife, and love it more and more everyday. What an ingenious idea. Now I do not have to dip my fingers into hot water every time I refill hot water in to my cup. LOVE IT!”


* * * * * by Angela Kelman • 7th March 2013

“The score is for teapigs tea as I do not have a teapigs cup! When I have a brew I just take the wee paper label off and put the bag in the cup (or my teapigs teapot) and leave it there till I have drunk my tea. If I want seconds I just top up with hot water leaving the bag in. I can appreciate if you want weak tea you need to take the bag out - as the previous comment - hook the cord round the cup handle. Easy peasy squeezy tea bag!”

Tea bag string and label

* * * * * by Carol • 12th April 2015

“We have never had a problem - we just wrap the string and label once around the lop of the mug handle and leave the bag floating in the water - Simple!!!”

Mrs C Flynn

* * * - - by • 9th February 2011

“My solution to keeping the string/tag from falling into my mug is to wrap them round the handle of my favourite mug once - easy and costs nothing”

Not for the left handed!

* * * - - by Steve Litherland • 19th December 2016

“Great if you're a right handed tea drinker, however if you're a leftie, unfortunately you will end up with a VERY wet front!”

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