sweet ginger tea

sa fougue va vous rendre fou !

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Un puissant parfum de gingembre, contrebalancé par des épices d'une grande douceur. Ce mélange est intense, très intense, à la hauteur de la réputation du gingembre.

Louise, notre dégustatrice de thé, dit

Quel est le goût ?

D'abord une intense saveur de gingembre, suivie par celle de la cannelle, puis enfin d'une immense douceur.

excellent si vous sentez

D'humeur fougueuse.

* contient de la réglisse, dont les études ont montré qu’elle peut potentiellement augmenter la pression sanguine en cas d’excès. Nous conseillons aux personnes souffrant d’hypertension de limiter leur consommation à une tasse par jour.*

Comment nous l'aimons

A déguster telle quelle, pas besoin d'ajouter quoi que ce soit.

L'heure de l'infusion

  • 1 'tea temple" par personne. Laissez infuser au moins 3 minutes dans une eau frémissante.

Les feuilles de thé entières mettent plus de temps à infuser, mais l'attente en vaut vraiment la peine! 

  • Eau bouillante
    Eau bouillante
  • Laisser infuser pendant 3+ minutes
    Laisser infuser pendant 3+ minutes
  • naturellement sans caféin
    naturellement sans caféin
  • Calories 0
    0 calories par tasse
  • ce qu'il y a dedans.

    gingembre, racines de réglisse, cannelle

    *cette infusion contient de la racine de réglisse. Eviter une consommation excessive en cas d'hypertension*

  • Contenu nutritionnel pour 100 ml

    • 0 kcal
    • trace sucres
    • 0 lipides
    • trace glucides
  • Allergènes

    sans lactose, sans gluten, convient aux végétariens et végétaliens. Manufacturé dans un atelier travaillant également les fruits à coque

Avis des clients

* * * * * (22)

Need this in loose tea

* * * * * by Tracey Wright • 10th May 2018

“It is like drinking warm hug :-)”

4 in one

* * * * * by Lisa Aindow • 7th November 2018

“All time favourite. Easy 4 servings from one tea bag. Super tasty! Highly recommend”

Still my faourite!

* * * * * by Hanna Thorpe • 18th April 2018

“My go-to most favourite cup of loveliness.”

Just Hits the Spot

* * * * * by Tracey • 7th March 2019

“Ive tried lots of different Ginger teas. Hands down ‘Teapigs Sweet Ginger’ is my favourite. Lovely and smooth.”

Just Beautiful!!

* * * * * by Autumn White • 5th August 2016

“You must order this tea!! There is the perfect balance of ginger on first taste with a delightfully sweet flavour at the end! :) :)”

Wonderfully sweet

* * * * * by Becky Harris Cowley • 17th October 2014

“I love the combination of flavours in this tea. The ginger isn't too strong but has enough of a kick to let you know it's there, then comes the warmth of the cinnamon followed by a surprising hit of sweetness, and that's all in one mouthful!”

Lovely & Sweet

* * * * * by Angie • 30th April 2019

“My partner & I really love this tea. It has a warm taste and sweet after the first sip. Have re-purchased the 2nd pack!”

Very nice

* * * * * by John Finn • 22nd January 2015

“Ginger tea is normally something I reserve for colds and flu. But got this as part of my sample pack and think I will be ordering a full box next time. It is swet and gingery, but balanced between the two. Well Done Teapigs!”

Addicted to this tea!

* * * * * by Rachel S • 14th November 2014

“I'm a connoisseur of ginger drinks so it had a lot to live up to! It smells amazing which is a good start, and the liquorice gives it a wonderful sweetness at the end of every sip. I love this delicious tea!”

If you love ginger...!

* * * * * by Gill Speak • 5th January 2015

“I was won over by this warm, rich, punchy ginger taste, that is especially good on a cold winter day or night. Louise's description sounds a bit off-putting. Feisty, fiery, loud? No! Christmas in a cup! More please!”

Big size please

* * * * * by Laura • 4th June 2015

“This is my first drink of the day. I need it in the big pack please.”

Oh my Gosh!!

* * * * * by K-J • 17th March 2015

“My new all-time favourite!!!!!!!! My 15 yr old 'doesn't like anything' son loves it, too. We need this in a 50-box or loose choice please TeaPigs!”


* * * * * by macman • 8th August 2015

“Need more stars to really convey my enthusiasm , herbal teas in general flatter to deceive a pale imitation of their black tea counterparts NOT this one though, it has kick ass star quality evans above wheres the Bulk buy 50 box option ?”


* * * * * by Charlotte • 30th July 2015

“I didn't think I would like a ginger tea but this is delicious! I just wish they did this in the large packs... Please Teapigs!”

love this tea!

* * * * * by Niki • 24th March 2019

“My new favorite tea, strong and sweet!”

Please do this in 50 bags!

* * * * * by Lucy Spencer • 27th April 2016

“I have never drunk tea before. I tried this and my life has been forever changed! Please please please consider selling this in 50 quantity.”


* * * * * by Hilary • 8th February 2017

“Ordered for me by my daughter in law. So delicious. Much bigger bags please.”


* * * * * by Mac Man • 7th April 2017

“Probably the best herbal tea in the world , and yet we connoisseurs of taste are still deprived of a BIG 50 BOX , must i raise this with my MP to raise it in the house ?”

The best teapigs tea!

* * * * * by Hanna • 4th August 2017

“Hello, my name is Hanna and I am addicted to Sweet ginger tea. The ginger game is STRONG and sooo good! There's a lovely sweet after taste which lingers making it really good when you have sugar cravings. I'm so addicted, I open my used bags (after about 4 refills!) and put the contents on my breakfast yoghurt for a slightly crunchy ginger topping.”

nice tea

* * * * - by elizabeth • 11th March 2018

“very different to how i imagined it would be, but still very nice all the same!”


* * - - - by di • 21st November 2014

“I have just tried this tea for first time - I was bit disappointed with it though! Too much cinnamon and not enough ginger. Nice tasting tea but for me too sweet. Will still to peppermint tea pigs from now on!”


* - - - - by Victoria • 16th February 2017

“was looking forward to a delicious gingery treat but was left disappointed/ A weak tasting over sweet tea with only a faint taste of ginger. Surprised at the quality of this tea.
I left it to brew for well over 5 mins.
Would not recommend. Would like money back if returns were taken.”

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