fouet matcha

idéal pour préparer les boissons au Matcha

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L'avis de teapigs

Ultrapratique, ce fouet électrique est l'ustensile indispensable pour rendre votre Matcha ou votre latte crémeux et bien mousseux!


  • Longueur 19 cm
  • Boîtier de protection
  • 2 piles AA incluses

Avis des clients

* * * * * (8)


* * * * * by Sayrah Lola • 10th February 2012

“This is brilliant! will definitely reccomend!”

whisked away

* * * * * by Kubsat • 24th March 2012

“Have just recommended this to my mum for her cappuccino fix. Bought to mix up matcha milkshakes and it works incredibly well. Even got a small froth on my cranberry juice. Will now be whisking everything just to test the powers...”

works great - can definitely recommend it

* * * * * by Stephanie • 6th August 2012

“I was a bit sceptic at first but the two existing reviews convinced me to try it - amd I am very happy I did! It works great and is easy to clean and use. I can definitely recommend this to any matcha drinker! You know those lumps of green tea you sometimes get no matter how much you try to mix them in? Well this gets rid of them too :)”

Another sceptic concinced

* * * * * by Caroline Corkery • 19th April 2014

“I was very slow at buying this and was convinced it would be a gimmick. Have been pleasantly surprised!
I use it to make lattes and find that as long as the milk is warmed up first, then it works very well. Just have to keep buying more tea, now...”


* * * * * by Jessica Smith • 18th August 2014

“I received this at the end of April, only to have it stop working at the beginning of August. I had used it less than 10 times, and no, it wasn't to do with the batteries (which it does seem to drain quite quickly, by the way).

But when the product /did/ work, it worked well and produced lots of foam from pre-heated milk. I would have been impressed, if only it had lasted longer.”

A must have!

* * * * * by HM Martin • 23rd April 2017

“I bought this to make my matcha latte and I must say, it makes the drink absolutely perfect! My daughter saw it and I had to purchase one for her to have at uni too!”

Aero latte whisk

* * * * * by Lorraine • 24th November 2018

“What a wonderfully powerful little gadget. Much more powerful than my previous whisk. Works well with matcha, cappuccinos and Ovaltine.”

Aerolatte whisk

* - - - - by Mary Diaz • 20th April 2019

“Not the greatest quality and you find same one in black at Ikea for £1 only.”

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