un kit de démarrage de matcha

Tout ce qu'il faut pour préparer votre dose quotidienne de Matcha !

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L'avis de teapigs

Matcha est le super héros du monde de thé et ce kit de matcha moderne a tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour obtenir votre dose quotidienne de matcha. C'est notre kit «moderne», car il a une battce joli coffret contient tout ce qu'il faut pour préparer votre Matcha : une boîte de Matcha Bio teapigs de 30g, un fouet électrique, une cuillère doseuse et un livret d'information (qu'on a accompagné, pour le fun, d'un badge trop mignon !). L'objet parfait pour s'initier au Matcha et une idée de cadeau lumineuse pour tous ceux qui s'intéressent au thé, au Bio ou à la diététique.


Fouet électrique :

  • longueur 19cm
  • ètui de protection PVC
  • 2 piles AA incluses

produit vendu en lot

  • boîte de Matcha Bio teapigs 30g
  • fouet électrique (2 piles AA incluses)
  • badge et livret Matcha teapigs
  • cuillère doseuse
  • coffret de présentation 

Avis des clients

* * * * * (6)

Amazing! Just beware the whisk...

* * * * * by Dani • 3rd October 2014

“I'm not a big tea drinker, but I heard such great things about matcha, so I decided to give it a try. I feared it would be too strong for me, but I use 1mL (the little spoon is 2mL) and a tablet of sweetener, and it actually becomes quite a treat.

I only offer a word of caution - use only a little bit of hot water and clear the area when you use the whisk. I only got this right on my third attempt at making my matcha shot. The first time, I used too much water, and it went everywhere. The second time, I limited the water a bit, but the whisk didn't like being held against the bottom of the glass. I finally got it right by filling up the glass with under a cm of water, holding the whisk just above the bottom of the glass and using it in short bursts. It worked perfectly!”


* * * * * by Simone • 9th March 2015

“I am new to Matcha and had all the same difficulties with the whisk to begin with the above reviews mention. I gave up the shot glass and make a mug of Matcha tea, quite lovely. this morning I woke with a hangover after a delicious lunch with my son that went on rather long with fabulous wine, two bottles between 3 of us. This morning I was struggling to prepare a lunch for a friend; I made a mug of Matcha and in five minutes after drinking it I felt wonderful, normal energetic, great no hint of a hangover. This is brilliant stuff!”

matcha tea

* * * * * by Julie Godfrey • 11th January 2011

“loving this stuff. only a few days into drinking and already thinking about buying the next pot!”

Love it!

* * * * * by Elizabeth • 23rd January 2018

“I was given this as a gift and was a bit nervous to try it as some people had told me that it wasn't supposed to be very nice. Well, they were wrong! It tastes exactly as you would expect - like green tea.
I take 1tsp (2 of the little scoops) sieved and whisked into hot mylk with some sugar and it helps me so much when I get home after a long day. So yummy and would definitely recommend.”

Be adventurous

* * * * * by Sue Dennis • 23rd April 2019

“Great in smoothies, porridge and custard!”

Not worth it

* * - - - by Mark Davis • 27th December 2018

“As a starter kit I'm not too impressed. The matcha seems great, the whisk is great (it makes a lovely hot chocolate) but put the two together with the shot glasses and expect to spend 10 minutes wiping green tea of every surface within range. The problem is the shot glasses either need to be much wider or the whisk much less powerful (or both) Trying to get just enough water in the bottom of the glass to whisk the tea and then top up to drink becomes more trouble than it's worth and I end up either reverting back to the traditional kit and hand mixing, or more often, throwing it into my morning smoothie and saving myself the headache.
I'd also say the little spoon feels a bit brittle, is a bit small to hold and doesn't really scrape the corners of the matcha tin particularly well. Either the traditional scoop or the metal matcha spoon (both available separately) work much better.”

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