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Science tells us Rooibos is great...

Posted by Hayley on 8th February 2013

Science tells us Rooibos is great...

…as if it was something us teapigs didn’t already know!

Research from studies in Japan and Germany have confirmed that aspalathin – the unique flavonoid in Rooibos – is able to help lower raised blood sugar levels and improve the metabolism of glucose, which is good news for the anti-diabetic action within blood cells.

As if that wasn’t healthy enough, a separate study has found that the same special part of the rooibos leaf – the aspalathin – has the potential to promote longevity in organisms, as it is able to target stress and ageing related genes.

 A tea leaf that calms the body, prevents ageing and helps lower the risk of diabetes? Eek, sound like it’s time for a lovely cup of rooibos….